Why the world needs another communication app.

Because we need a better way to talk, share, and do.

Chat is awesome.

It’s real time, easy to use, and the perfect foil to the age of the millennials. More and more of our communication is shifting to chat, and the corporate world is the last bastion of email (and even there Slack has started to make inroads).


Chat has it’s problems.

It’s almost impossible to understand a garbled text link someone sends you on chat.

Yet, we continue to share on chat. Why?

Because we live for likes, re-tweets, responses, and a thumbs up once in a while.

We live for acknowledgement.

The real time nature of chat means that we get acknowledged faster for any message sent, which is part of the reason why the adoption of chat has spiraled upwards.


How many times have you thought twice about clicking an unreadable text link someone sent you on chat?

Content is not consumable in chat.

We’d all prefer if it was.

  • As a sharer of content, I get the acknowledgement I desire if the person on the other end immediately understands what I share.
  • As a receiver of content, I don’t want to switch apps or risk missing the next part of the conversation. I want the most important information about the content up front.

Getting things done on chat is next to impossible

Here are some examples of people trying to get things done on chat, and failing.

Still with me?

Ok, then chances are that you’re at least a teeny bit interested in the problem that Cubeit can solve for you.

So let’s dive right in.

What is Cubeit?

Cubeit is a place where you can talk and share and make sure everything shared is easily consumable by the person you share it with.

What are cards?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Cards for different types of shared content

How does Cubeit make content consumable?

  1. Anything you share is converted into cards.
  2. Cards give you the important information about content up front and center.
  3. Cards have buttons which let you take the most common actions from right within the app. (Call people, navigate to locations, watch videos and more)
  4. Everything is organized and searchable. We are building Cubeit content first, rather than communication first.

So without further ado, here’s Cubeit in action

And that’s Cubeit

If you’re psyched by what you’ve just seen, click here or the banner below to go to our website and sign up for the beta. And of course, tell your friends! (The easiest way to do that is to hit the green recommend button. #kthxbai)