The 13 slide deck we used to raise a seed round Part 2

Part 1:

We wrote about how to raise a seed round here when your pre product: A lot of people asked us for the slides. So here they are.

The Problem
The Solution
The Demo
The key insights
The Team
Why Now?
The Secret Sauce
Product Demo Image 1
Product Demo Image 2
The Niche
Recent Action
The competition
The user

We have excluded demonstrating scalability (since it wasn’t required in our case) and the ask since that is confidential.

We iterated away from this product for the reasons below:

  1. Data in general was moving to the cloud
  2. Public data is accessible from public services and not owned by a user
  3. Device proliferation has been slower than expected

We are now building a slightly different version of Cubeit which you can check out here

Also feel free to write to me at sj[at]