When client “Promise” many work , BUT….

A few days ago, a client come to me and ask me to design a logo, this client claims that there will have “many many many work and are paid” — later, BUT, the first project is a “trial logo design” , AND, it’s FREE/Unpaid.

He said, “just want to make sure our thoughts are aligned on approach.”

Oh.. so I replied, “I understand you want to have a look how we work well / how things going …but there have other ways to check this, something like I can quote a lower rate than my normal rates for yours the “trial” logo design? But it’s really no excuse. To be honest, trust me, don’t make promises, we both know we should focus on present. “

You know what, this make me feeling very depressed. And, actually, something like this has happened many times before.

It’s really disgusting. many clients thought designer real want many projects so can help them in a more steady work state(especially for freelancer, just like me), so clients always give “promise”: “many many work for you — paid” balabala.

But you know what, before this, the first requirement from clients is “ oh you know, this is a trial project , unpaid, just see how things going”.

The truth is, they are totally wrong!!

What designer real need is JUST a “Fair” pay, yes! Every time every project, but not only the numbers of projects!There is no direct logical connection between “fair pay / unpaid” and “many work / trial project” actually.

One fair project rate much better than lots of poor/ rate lower projects, isn’t it?!

So as clients, if you really want to make a promise in order to let designers can trust you or work for/with you , please do not promise“lots of” work but instead of the “fair pay”, on the other hand, this way also can bring you more good quality designers as well.

I think this also can be called --- “Positive thinking”, yeah , for clients — — “thinking positive”, think big! Don’t underestimate your business!

So, as designers, how you guys handle this situation ? Let me know your thoughts.

(ps: sorry about my English, not a native English guy so if there are any syntax errors / used wrong words, please correct me, big thanks in advance =-)