Week 7: 10/24/16–10/28/16

There’s a Georgetown Cupcake two blocks from my office that offers free cupcakes (one per person; flavors changes daily) while supplies last. I have decided to get one *almost* every day I go to work and to document work, life, and work-life tidbits with them.

10/24 Halloween Chocolate: My morning starts with a NormaTec Compression Sleeves session. I look a fool in it, but it works wonders. On another fun note, my cupcake broke perfectly to make a cupcake sandwich. Little things.

10/25 Cinnamon Pecan Praline Cookie: I slide out of work at 3:30 to go to a lyra class. Before I go, I say goodbye to my manager’s manager. It’s his birthday and he’s going on vacation. I really like the shirt he’s wearing. He gives me a hug. It’s a wonderful goodbye. Lyra class is also wonderful. I had all but given up on this studio after three bad (although one of them was my fault) experiences, but this class’s instructor made all the difference. After class, I went to see an encore screening of The National Theatre’s 2011 production of “Frankenstein”. It was difficult to watch. I don’t think I liked the cinematography and some of the actors’ performances fell flat for me, but I still felt like someone had a vise-like grip on my heart. I could hardly breathe and nearly cried multiple times.

10/26 None: I came in to the office minutes before 10 and ate five Rice Krispies Treats before 11. I may have eaten a sixth and two (three?) gelato popsicles before the day is over, but I can’t remember clearly. I think my mind is trying to erase the memory. The only thing that keeps me from metaphorically drowning in a figurative pool of shame is the fact that I refrained from getting a cupcake. It’s awful. I can’t believe I went to pole that night, albeit a “less fitness, more exotic” class. There was only one other student, who had more experience (but minimal amounts in both regards) with sensual dance than pole, in the class. Watching her made me realize how far I’ve come since starting pole, which was definitely uplifting.

10/27 None: WFH! The day starts with my regular Thursday morning pilates mat class. At noon, I take a straps class. Straps are crazy hard. Until straps, I’ve never tried an aerial apparatus I couldn’t finagle something for. Sure, I wasn’t always great, but I could get by. Not with straps. Straps are crazy, stupid hard. I “rewarded” myself with a trip to the opening reception of “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art” at The Whitney. I had invited a girl I met at a party to go with me, but she ended up flaking. #byefelicia

10/28 Assorted Popbars: It’s the last day of work! I eat either five or six Popbars, the in-office treat I will be glad to be rid of, and one again refrain from getting a cupcake. At the end of the day, I say goodbye to my team members. Then I head to a yoga event at UN headquarters. I walk by a taping of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on the way and almost gatecrash a party at the UN when I enter the wrong building and security is overconfident with himself. I wish I had. The yoga event was awful. I couldn’t even make it through the whole thing. I left early and arrived at a lap dance class (because why not?) I signed up for 40–50 minutes early. I was the only student, but it wasn’t very good. Oh well!

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