In a battle between Shyamalan and Kanye for Artcle image, McAvoy won.

M. Night Shyamalan is a writer/director that my subconscious misled me for the past two years to believe directed ‘Life of Pi’, apparently that was Ang Lee, I probably made that unfortunate connection because the male lead in the movie is Indian and so is Shyamalan. How racist!

However, the connection between Shyamalan and Kanye West is not limited to what could have made the title of this article an amazing pun. Shyamalan has some great hits under his belt. None other comes to mind than ‘Split’ when seeking a connection between Shyamalan’s work and the enigma that is Kanye West.

Split is a psychological thriller anchored by James McAvoy (young professor X) who portrays a character having 23 different personalities, it is a beautiful but scientifically implausible take on DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). In a review from The New York Times the movie was considered- “At once solemn and preposterous, sinister and sentimental, efficient and overwrought…”

These are words that perfectly describe Mr West or an episode of Scandal.

Bar the violence, Kanye makes Split appear more factual than fictional: he reveals to the world that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, drops an album that addresses it and later meets up with his pal Donald to tell the world that he thinks it was a misdiagnosis and he is probably just sleep deprived. It’s either Kanye spends too much time browsing WebMD OR has no idea when the beat stops and he can stop being outrageous OR he is completely ignorant, writes his curses in cursive and has London Tipton making up excuses for him. One minute he is completely aware of the platform he has and uses it to promote love, the next minute he goes off the rails and appears completely unaware of how much what he says and does matters because of the platform he has.

It has been extremely entertaining watching Kanye reiterate the stereotype that rappers are ignorant. Kanye/Pablo/Yeezus/Ye or whatever version of Mr West we get is on a mission to outdo the other and the forecast is that his current trajectory might inspire the next Spike Lee flick in which Ray J plays Kanye, Samuel L. Jackson says motherf****r and Kris Jenner gets ‘executive producer’ in the credits because things don’t just go away, they end up as movies.

If Kanye’s life was a movie, it would be Split minus the dark, twisted violence but I would not be so quick to rule anything out, he seems like he can afford a basement hobby.