“SILENCE” Lecture in progress

The formidable sign hangs proudly in the hallways of most schools; dangling, rattling, jingling, clanging, shrieking, reverberating or sometimes simply dancing as the forces of nature guide it. But it goes largely unnoticed.

A saying I literally just picked off the internet a minute ago goes ‘When your’re nothing, people will ignore you but when you’re on top that’s when everybody swear they know you’; and I swear that this daunting, relentless-in-reminding-us-to-keep-quiet sign is more often than not high off the ground and no one gives a gravity-defying rat’s ass.

What is the way forward for this disregarded 
Here are a few suggestions-

IT COULD BE MADE BIGGER; remember how easy it was to pick out that fatty you saw in a crowd that one time? No shade

A MAKEOVER!; throw in some lights, smoke machines, glitter and that bitch will get noticed, skilled at, thrown kisses although it might not get the respect it deserves.

MODERNIZATION; this suggestion could be broken down into two, the sign could be made electronic and maybe throw in some ads (we all love to hate ads) OR it could be announced over the PA system on a loop; sure you’ll be jamming tissue pieces down your earlobes after a minute but….. you know….. baby steps.