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3 min readDec 23, 2020


The sky was crystal-blue, I was looking at it out of the window and thinking how to reach some Software Engineers to ask them for an interview. I needed that to better understand how to shape the product thinking they’re the future target audience. I wrote down some channels where I can reach them and the main one was Facebook. Everyone in the US uses Facebook, right? Then why not dive there to get some people?

I started googling and found almost nothing. There were only two solutions, one of which could only grab people from the search and was very buggy, and the other one wasn’t maintained and didn’t work at all.

After some time thinking, considering, and communicating with Product Managers and Marketers I found out that this kind of product might be even more interesting to Marketers. That’s the time when I came to my team and loaded it with development tickets.

Now we have a ready-to-use solution which is used by us and our clients. It’s a browser extension that safely sends messages on Facebook as you do it by hand. So you just see how it surfs Facebook and sends messages instead of you. Our clients usually use their real profiles, no one ever gets blocked for that.

Below I will show you how to get your competitor’s clients.

How to get your competitor’s clients

Let’s say we provide Call Center services.

1. Install CUCOMM.COM browser extension to mass send messages from here:

2. Open the Facebook Page or Group of your competitor (e.g. ).

3. In the lower-left corner you should see CUCOMM.COM purple widget.

The main screen of the widget. It’s waiting for the start of Profiles Collecting.
The main screen of the widget. It’s waiting for the start of Profiles Collecting.

Click the Collect Profiles button on it. When you have enough profiles to send messages to, click the Enough profiles button.

Collecting Profiles screen of the widget
Collecting Profiles screen of the widget

4. To send a mass message on Facebook click Send Messages and type the message you want to send. I suggest not to insert any links in the first message. For example, ask something like:


As I see, you are interested in Call Center services, right? We’ve launched our service recently and have an almost free offering for our early clients. I could give you one of the promo codes to get it. Is it interesting for you to get one?

And press “Send”.

The extension will start sending the message to the profiles you have just collected.

Sending Messages screen of the widget
Sending Messages screen of the widget

5. On the next day read the replies from the people you wrote to and if you see the interest, then send them the link so they could convert themselves on your website. The message could look like this:

Great, so your promo code is ALMOSTFREE17

You should enter it here: [your link here]

Feel free to ask any questions! :)

The extension also allows collecting people from Groups, People Search, Friend lists, not only Pages. So if you’re interested to see how it works, then feel free to follow our publication.

Now you know how to send a mass message on Facebook! It’s time to try to do it to solve your tasks!

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Read about Facebook limits, how to work with multiple profiles, and other in-depth details here.

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Get as many clients as you need! :)

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