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May 26, 2016 · 5 min read

Summer is here! And that means thirsty, parched kids wanting to gorge on ice cream and juice all day long. Actually scratch that. Not just the kids! All of us will be looking for cooling stuff to keep the equally loved and loathed heat away.

But both options are not exactly skinny jeans friendly. So, what to do? Go the smoothie way of course. Healthy and easy to make, these are going to become your buddies this summer! Presenting 16 of our top picks for summer special smoothies!

Vegan Sugarless Strawberry Smoothie

There are a lot of wins in that title, right? Vegan, sugarless and strawberry! But of course the author has options for you if you don’t wanna go vegan or sugarless.

Image Courtesy: My Tasty Curry

Spiced Kiwifruit Smoothie Bowl

You know we like to keep things interesting in this magazine, right? So we definitely are going to include some smoothie bowls in this list, coz, well whoever said a smoothie needs to be in a glass or bottle? This one is particularly interesting with some beautiful kiwi, spinach and a bunch of other power packed ingredients.

Image Courtesy: To the T

Pomegranate Smoothie

This one’s got ingredients every mom will probably dance to! Pomegranate, bananas, blueberries and yoghurt. That’s a seriously healthy drink to beat the heat! And did I mention sugarless?

Image Courtesy: Sidewalk Shoes

Mango Smoothie Bowl

How can we have a list on summer special smoothies without featuring the king of fruits, Mango? This smoothie bowl is just what you need after a day in the sun.

Image Courtesy: My Food Chakra

Banoffee Pie Protein Smoothie

So far we have kept things super healthy, haven’t we? But once in a while you also need to get a little naughty. This Banoffee pie smoothie is perfect for a slight foray into indulgence, but at a mere 200 calories, it’s still NOT going to make those skinny jeans feel like cling wrap!

Image Courtesy: The Seasoned Mom

Vegan Spinach Ginger Smoothie Bowl

Now this one can actually replace a whole meal for you. Full of green goodness, and surprisingly tasty, it’s got the sort of tingling flavours that make you want more!

Image Courtesy: My Food Story

Tropical Smoothie

When I first saw this recipe, I actually was speechless for a moment. Sure, it’s got the usual tropical fruit suspects like Mango and Pineapple, but that secret ingredient! Blew me away. Check it out and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Image Courtesy: The Wicked Noodle

Mix Berry No Sugar Smoothie

You can never go wrong if you put the words ‘berries’ and ‘smoothie’ together, can you?

Image Courtesy: Spice Meets Cake

Greek Yoghurt Green Smoothie

You know what I love about this? The bok choy! Who would have guessed, huh?

Image Courtesy: Green Healthy Cooking

Papaya,Banana & Dates Smoothie

I know a lot of people who wrinkle their noses at papaya. Well you can wrinkle your noses all you want, but this smoothie is delish!

Image Courtesy: The Flavours Of Kitchen

Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie Bowl with Mango Peanut Butter Smoothie

Woah! That’s like a smoothie connoisseur’s delight! I mean doesn’t that look spectacular?

Image Courtesy: The Flavour Bender

Tropical Tofu Smoothie

For some reason I never thought of tofu as tropical. But hey what’s in a name, if the result is this yummy? And as added bonus, there’s also a recipe for homemade tofu in there!

Image Courtesy: My Diverse Kitchen

Chocolate Milkshake Oatmeal Smoothie

I tried. I really tried to keep chocolate out of this list, but I caved in. Everyone’s allowed to hold onto some loves, right? This chocolate smoothie is perfect for getting the kids to eat up all the potassium packed bananas.

Image Courtesy: Kitchen JS

Roasted Peach, Honey, and Almond Smoothie for One

How I love recipes that don’t mean leftovers! This smoothie is perfect when you want to make yourself something fancy and refreshing after a sunny day.

Image Courtesy: Luci’s Morsels

Betel Leaves Kiwi Green Smoothie

Betel leaves is an extremely interesting ingredient to work with. Popular in India as an accompaniment for mouth freshener after a meal, it’s got a distinct taste. Scout your asian market for some of this and give this smoothie a go!

Image Courtesy: Priya Kitchenette

Smoothie Cubes

And finally, my favourite! This little DIY hack is going to be your best friend forever!

Image Courtesy: The Cooks Pyjamas

Isn’t that an eclectic mix? There’s vegan, sugar free, indulgent, super healthy and all sorts of combinations. Go crazy with these smoothies this summer. Special thanks to all the lovely bloggers who contributed their recipes for this. Stay tuned to the magazine for more yummilicious treats!

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