7 Articles To Hack Social Media for Food Blogging

There is a huge chunk of traffic that comes from different social media platforms onto food blogs especially when you are just starting out as a food bloggers. So, it’s absolutely essential for you to be present and active, on all the usual suspects of the social media platforms.

Traffic is just one incentive to be on social media platforms, they also play an important role in the branding of your blog. To let people know what is happening with your blog and keep up with the delicious recipes, the gorgeous images and keeping up to date with those restaurant reviews.

Besides this, there is also sponsored content to think of. When a blogger works with a brand, their social reach is also taken into consideration for campaigns.

Of course, each of the platforms have their own way and objective of being used, so feel free to set your own. These are merely guidelines to help you get a little less intimidated.

Here are 7 different articles on 4 different platforms, how to use them, what should you be doing on them and more:


There are two aspect to Facebook: One is the page, and the other, the amazing community groups out there.


When we talk about social media platforms and food blogging, Pinterest is one of the most important platform that is almost always discussed.


We sometimes tend to treat Twitter in the same lines as Facebook and Pinterest but it is not so. Twitter has a personality of its own and the way to use it is also very different.


Instagram is one place where bloggers like to show off their amazing drool worthy images.

Now that we have covered all our bases. We can get back to food blogging :)