A Cucumbertown Thanksgiving

A Special Message This Holiday Season From the Cucumbertown Team

It’s once again that time of the year when the cooks in the household go a tad bit insane with the crazy Thanksgiving preparations. The bird, the stuffing and the cranberries create a hullabaloo of sorts, making decisions like preheating the oven seem like a monumental, life changing moment. The debates on what is the best way to stuff turkey, have become as much a part of Thanksgiving as the story of the Indians and the Pilgrims.

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But this year Ct is going to steer clear of any discussions of the dinner table of gargantuan proportions and instead focus on the ‘Thanks’ aspect of Thanksgiving.

Frankly, we have a world of things to be thankful for, but here are some things that we live and breathe for, things that make Ct an experience, rather than just another company.

The Users

As the inimitable characters in the gladiator drama, Spartacus would say, Gratitude!

  • We are grateful that you guys have embraced as lock, stock and smoking bagel!
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  • We are thankful that you don’t allow your kids to sample that decadent slice of cake before taking a great photo to put up on Ct.
  • We are thankful that you swat your partner’s hand away from tucking into the perfectly presented pie, just so your shot looks pristine.

We are thankful that even though you may not know how to make the breakfast your mother has been cooking for the past 30 years, you are game for trying out Kholoud’s Beehive.

I could go on and on, but I guess you get the message. We love you guys! Keep cooking and coming back for more juicy recipes on Ct. We wouldn’t be celebrating our second Ct thanksgiving if it were not for you guys…

The Internet

A lot of people know of our ‘Four guys in three continents founded a company story’. Evidently the reason we could ignore the adage of ‘Location, location, location’, was all thanks to the World Wide Web.

And if it were not for the internet, how would our users post all those viral recipes? And how can they post their updates on Facebook and spread the word about Ct?

Also, without the internet how could we google all those delicious recipes?

Clearly, we have plenty of reason to thankful to the internet.

The Investors

Obviously we are grateful for the moolah. But more than the money we are grateful for the belief. The belief that we are a promising concept and that we are worth at least thinking about. And we are not stupid, we do know that without the investors and the money, we would be just an idea. So for making Ct a reality, special thanks to our trusty investors.

The Moments

There are so many moments that we are thankful for as a company. From the day Ct became a fully functioning website, we have had so many special moments, ranging from the surreal to the downright hilarious! Here are a few special ones. That moment when:

  • After 699 days of slogging to make the company work, there is that press coverage about your ‘overnight success’.
  • The months of sleepless nights of developing a great product gives us comments like this!
  • A wife frustrated with her husband’s comments on the lasagna she slaved over for hours, smiles because someone craved her recipe on Ct.
  • A diligent user, who gets their own domain, posts an excited message on Facebook.
  • A user starts their own business and is cool enough to thank Ct and the users for their support.

We are thankful that our days are full of moments like this, that make every frustration, absolutely worthwhile.

The Love and Support

More than anything else, and I cannot stress this enough, it is the love and support, from friends, family and our users that we are the most thankful for. When we have needed a word of encouragement , we have received paragraphs of support.

Every word, phrase and sentence of encouragement and love, give us the impetus to be the best at what we are doing. So keep it coming folks, we need all the love we can get!

Now that we have expressed our thanks, I am gonna get cooking. There’s a turkey with my name on it, and I’m sure you guys want to get busy with Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving Folks, from the Team at Cucumbertown!

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