That food blogging is BIG is obvious. I mean, come on, there’s a whole company around it! (That’s us by the way). And it is often perceived as this flamboyant, larger than life space where only the super-popular, highly media savvy folks make a mark. This is simply a perception and no one defies that perception better than Aarthi Satheesh of Yummy Tummy Aarthi fame. A shy, talented and extremely successful food blogger, Aarthi Satheesh is a real example of how big food blogging really is. With over a whopping 3 million views monthly, and results on the first page of Google for loads of Indian delicacies, she has well and truly arrived. She tells us all about what makes her blog tick, and what food blogging means to her.

Aarthi has most definitely cemented her place amongst the elite of the food blogging world. Yet, she is so approachable and easy to talk to, that it was an absolute pleasure to hear what this enigmatic food blogger had to say.

Yummy Tummy is just everything to me, it has become a part of my life. I can’t stay away from my blog for even a single day. Initially it started as a hobby through which I shared my passion with the world. Now it’s my career, my everything. It has truly has become a life changing thing for me.

Frankly, I had no idea that Yummy Tummy would become so big and reach so many people. I started it just to share and document my recipes.

It was just a couple of years back, when my views increased drastically and I started to earn from it. That’s when I knew I had to spend more time on the blog, and frankly I enjoyed it so much, that it was not the hardest decision in the world to make!

Visitors Stats for the month January 2015 from Google Analytics

People who love cooking, have started taking pictures of what they are cooking and are sharing it social media. It’s become an ‘In’ thing now. And the positive comments which they get from it will surely make them to start their own blog.

And food blogging creates a connection with all the foodies around the world. It’s a fun space to be in right now.

What is the most time consuming part for you as a food blogger?

Cooking and taking pictures has become a daily basis thing for me. It is not what takes up most of my time. But the most time consuming part is editing, posting and sharing it in a variety of networks.

The one advice which I can give is, never start a blog or website for money. Start a blog if you have a true passion for food and cooking. Then follow your passion and be sincere in it. If you do this, success will come to you sooner or later.

I would say the most important thing is interacting with your viewers and replying to all their doubts and queries.

Frankly I am not a techie person. When I started I didn’t know ABC in blogging. But as you continue with it and get used to it, you will keep on learning. So according to me being tech savvy is not as important as being passionate. Because if you are passionate you will take the effort to learn. Also my husband helps me out in a big way. So that really makes a difference too.

Social media plays a important role in that, sharing your post on various social media will surely give your traffic a boost. Besides this commenting on other food bloggers pages is also a good practice. It helps you build lasting connections. But most importantly, just keep on blogging. That’s essentially how you are going to build on SEO and traffic.

I do post quite a lot even from the starting. When I started blogging I used to share a minimum of one post and maximum of two posts per day . Right now I do three posts on a daily basis. When you enjoy cooking that much, you simply can’t stop with one!

I monetized my blog just three years back, so it didn’t take much time for me to earn my first check. I would say I got it in a couple of months.

I decided to quit my job in a few months after I received my first check. I had an instinct that if I concentrate more on this blog of mine, I would do more handsomely than my day job. And I have never regretted it!

What is your preferred source of monetization for your blog?

There are so many ways you can monetize. I would suggest you to try the different options and different advertisers and pick the one which suits you the best.

I would suggest to increase the daily pageviews of your blog before you monetize your blog. To see a good amount of money you have to see a tleast 10,000 views per day. Else the earnings would be pretty low and you will get tired of it or demotivated. But this is just a personal observation :)

Social media is a great way to increase your blog views. A tip here for food bloggers, first build a good fan base and then start sharing. This way you have credibility. One of my top favourite social networks are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I love to share my posts on Pinterest too. Very recently I have started to share video recipes on Youtube as well.

You can connect with Aarthi on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest.

Also check out her new Youtube Channel.

Cucumbertown, I can see that you are growing into a great blogging platform. Nice to see that! And to all the readers of the magazine and Cucumbertown, Happy Food Blogging Folks!

So there you have it! The elusive Aarthi Satheesh tells us what food blogging is all about for her. I can’t help but admire the tenacity of this inspiring young lady. Posting three times a day is no mean feat! She is certainly testimony to the fact that content is king and perseverance pays off! If you have any questions for Aarthi or would like to know anything in specific, don’t forget to reach out to us on

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