Ramya Menon
May 12, 2016 · 4 min read

Are you one of those people who hates when a recipe is in measurements you don’t understand? The metric vs imperial debate is something that food bloggers have had to settle all these years based on whatever they felt fit in best on their blogs or simply based on what they understood best. But it has often been the cause of some amount of friction between the author and the reader. Look at what J Kenji Lopez of Serious Eats says about a reaction to his book:

But that changes for all the readers of the Cucumbertown powered food blogs…

After all the excitement surrounding our RecipeWriter V2.0, we have now launched the first feature in our ambitious convenience feature project. The feature which is seen as Print & Other Apps, now facilitates unit conversion for recipes on the Cucumbertown food blogs. It will also have a host of other features added soon, including nutritional info, ingredient substitution and so on.

Look at how it’s done!

And it doesn’t end there. If the author has chosen to geo target based on the readers location, we will then push the appropriate units for them by default. But if you want to change it, you can choose how you would like to see the information. And you can further customise using these options:

This project is our first feature where we are bringing out the true value of Cucumbertown. As a platform , we want to make both creating and consuming content a breeze. Up until now we were focussed on making content creation easy for our bloggers.

Now we have moved on to the readers.

And as a part of that plan, this is the first in a series of convenience features that we will be rolling out soon. The other features that we are working on at the moment is a nutrition calculator, an ingredient substitution feature and an integrated grocery shopping experience. Some of these will of course be a part of a premium package but things like unit conversion will remain free.

Bloggers, while this is not going to impact you in terms of the work that you are doing at the moment, it is definitely going to enhance the experience of your readers. So we would love it if you could speak to your audience and find out what they think about this new feature. Feedback is the only thing that will help us grow, so we request your assistance in getting the right feedback from the target audience.

While we have already completed work on the unit conversations, we are also working on our nutritional info app too. This is great for giving your readers the right information about what exactly is going into their stomachs. When we are all getting increasingly body conscious and health conscious, this is a godsend!

This is a paid feature for readers of the blog costing $1.99/month.

Once you have paid for your subscription, this is what you will see.

The idea has always been to become the best alternative to existing blogging platforms out there. And to achieve that we will need to constantly innovate and improvise.

We would love to hear from you about what you think would be a great feature to include in this lineup. Frictionless, easy food blog content consumption is going to be coming to you real soon. In the meantime, give this feature a go, and get all your grams turned into ounces!

Cucumbertown Magazine Archive

Stories of Inspiration from the World’s Only Platform for Food Blogging

Thanks to Anand Nair

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Cucumbertown Magazine Archive

Stories of Inspiration from the World’s Only Platform for Food Blogging

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