Yes, I know! It’s already countdown to 2016! Doesn’t it seem like just last week that we were partying away to welcome 2015?

And one of the big things that happens with welcoming the new year is planning for the next year. And that’s when the word ‘Trends’ is talked about incessantly with bizarre predictions giving companies nightmares over what crazy fad is going to get big in 2016. It was pretty much the same with us. 2015 was all about bacon, avocado and pumpkin spice for the food bloggers. And of course, muffin tins were no longer for muffins, all sorts of cheesy, eggy concoctions replaced good old blueberry muffins. So what are the big trends food bloggers are going to go gaga over? Sriracha laced coffee anyone?

The Plants are Upon Us

You carnivores are so gonna love this! Not. Chefs and restauranteurs predict that this year is going to be big on meat replacements. So get ready to see loads of full roasted cauliflowers, chickpea burgers and halloumi fish fingers and so on.

Crickey, it’s crickets…

Crickets are the next superfood! Yes, not kidding. Not even one bit. If you have been following food trends in the last year you will be aware of this new fad called cricket flour. Not just crickets, all sorts of insect flour is going to go mainstream this year is the prediction. Almond flour and coconut flour are not posh enough apparently, we have to be churning crickets to meet our nutritional requirements apparently. That means beautiful images full of crickety goodness. Yumm!!!

Be the Star of your own Show!

The voyeuristic interest of blog lovers are reaching a fever pitch. Not content with just reading about your life story with the blog posts, people now want to see authors in live action, talking about that brand new Lodge Skillet they love while manoeuvring through tales of kids, dogs, cats, partners and what not. In short everybody who wants to be somebody in food blogging will be doing videos. So Snapchats, Periscope videos, Vines, and Instagram videos are THE things bloggers will be seen doing this year.

Some Beans Shall Be Spilt

Okay before anyone panics or gets excited, this is not about major exposes ruling the roost in 2016 (remember the Food Babe saga?). No. But the ever popular coffee is going to be even more popular, if it is possible, come 2016. It’s going to make an appearance in granola bars, curry sauces, as fizzy drinks and many more. So get ready to be seriously caffeinated!!

It’s Gonna Be Serious Business Come 2016

2016 is predicted to be the year when bloggers will be more like business owners and less like casual bloggers. So get ready to see more professional looking websites which will look more like magazines than just someone telling stories of their favourite chicken pie. So all you Bon Apetits, Saveurs and Food 52’s get ready for some foodtastic competition!

Delivering the Goods

Grocery delivery is going to be HUGE in 2016. Amazon has already extended into this market and soon more players will be lining up. Sponsored post alert bloggers? Are we going to see a spate of recipes cooked up from ingredients delivered in under 3o minutes? Quite possible! Market research firm IBISWorld forecasts online grocery shopping to grow 9.5 percent each year with the potential of becoming a $9.4 billion industry by 2017.

Canned Beer is Cool Again and It’s Beertini Time!

The once frowned upon canned beer is back in business and beer based cocktails will be cooler than cucumber the coming year. So dump the coke and cranberry juice and stock on same crates of the cheap bubbly stuff. I’m sure the bloggers are going to have a field day with this one.

There are of course some other things that are in the forecast for food bloggers in 2016, but we think these look like they could be the next kale sriracha craze that ruled the food blogging world in the last two years. But who knows really. Maybe bloggers will decide to ditch the fancy and do some good old home cooked comfort meals. Or they may all decide to do a Heston Blumenthal, with elaborate fairy tale like concoctions.

But one thing is a definite. Food blogging will continue to be BIG. So get on this bandwagon and see your life change! In the meantime, get ready for some curry sauce glazed pumpkin steak if these trends are anything to go by ;)!