RecipeWriter 2.1: Nofollow, Open in New Window and track clicks

You wanted, we listened :-)

RecipeWriter now come equipped with no-follow, open-in-new-window and click tracking. A set of features that will allow you enhance the quality of links you create. This is something bloggers wanted, especially those who’ve been working with brands.

For those new to the scene of scene, nofollow is a HTML term that does not pass “link juice” to the referring site. You can read more about it here.

With open-in-new-window, any link that’s marked new window will open the page in a new tab.

Track links work when you have a Google Analytics account associated with you blog and when you have to track clicks for say a sponsored posting that you need to let the brand know.

When you check the “Track link”, the clicks get recorded in Google Analytics and show up in the Events section. Here’s an example:

Try these out and let us know how this has been of use to you. We are listening :-)

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