RecipeWriter Version 2.0 : Custom Images

Choosing Custom Images For Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google

We have already shown you a sneak peak of the new editing interface of Cucumbertown, the RecipeWriter Version 2.0. But that was a sneak peak, so we are going to be bringing more details of some features that are especially useful.

One feature that everybody really talks about is that they can now choose which image will show up where. So this makes it super easy for social media sharing and visibility on Google. You can do this on existing posts too by editing them.

What this does is create images which are optimised for each particular platform. Besides this, you can also choose which image goes on as the cover image on the home page of the blog. This way you can retain portrait images on your post even if you need to have landscape images on your home page. For choosing the right image size in the RecipeWriter for social media outlets or Google, you can see the optimum sizes by clicking on the respective medium.

While we cannot guarantee that Google will pick up the image you have chosen, we can guarantee that for all the social media outlets, your choice will be adhered to. This can make a big difference for you. Why is it such a big deal?

With Pinterest we know the deal. But what about Google? While Google prefers a landscape image, most food bloggers prefer a portrait image because of Pinterest, and portrait images look better on mobile devices too. When portrait images show up on a carousel, it is cut off, so the likelihood of someone clicking through and going to your blog are slim. This is why we decided to have this is a simple click mechanism, which means people may at least have a chance for their assigned pictures to be picked up by Google. Here’s what happened with Simply Recipes:

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