Remembering Forgotten Recipes: From India’s Kitchens

For a while now, I have been contemplating a series of recipe round ups that go beyond heart attack meals and 15 minute desserts. I wanted the round ups to be something that we want to come back to, and perhaps even something that we can show budding cooks, so precious memories and moments can be preserved for a whole new generation to experience.

And since it was approaching the Indian Independence I decided to begin this series with a round up of forgotten recipes from the Indian kitchen. Even more so because most Indians have a deep association with the kitchen, which sort of make experiences with food nothing short of valued inheritances. And I mean that very, very seriously. Grandmas will pass on a chutney recipe to you with the same intensity as someone passing on a princess cut diamond ring handed down through generations!

So without further ado, here are some forgotten recipes from kitchens all over the country.

Harive Soppu Bendi Recipe

Starting off this list is something that the whole world would love to discover! Vegan, nutritious and packed with flavour. This amaranth coconut curry is representative of the memories associated with a lot of South Indian lunches.

Image Courtesy: Monsoon Spice

Dadpe Pohe — Coconut Infused Rice Flakes Snack

Every Indian is familiar with Poha, but not a lot of us are aware of this lesser known cousin from Maharashtra.

Image Courtesy: The Soul Curry

Khus Sherbet

Made with the cooling khus herb, this drink is perfect for those long Indian summers!

Image Courtesy: Veg Recipes of India


A rice and jaggery sweet that were staples during Diwalis of the past. About time we tried one of these this year instead of the store bought barfis, right?

Image Courtesy: My Food Court

Khira Gaintha/ Kheer Puli (Milky Rice Dumplings)

Delicate and soothing, this delicacy from Orissa is often overlooked for fancier stuff like Rasagullas. Time to give your palette an opportunity to experience this!

Image Courtesy: My Yellow Apron

Chicken Kori Rotti

While there are loads of coastal curries for India to boast about, none really have the delightful flavour and texture combination that this spicy curry and crispy Rotti bring to the table. A gem from Mangalore!

Image Courtesy: My Food Story

Boti Ni Akuri

One of the most forgotten treasures of India’s culinary history is the lovely flavours of Parsi cuisine. While the Dhansak is still a recognised staple, this egg and mutton delicacy is something to really savour.

Image Courtesy: Euphorhea

Kollu Podi

While a lot of are familiar with Milagai Podi, a popular accompaniment to Dosa and Idli down south, not a lot of us know of this version that includes the highly nutritious horse gram. And since it’s Grandma’s special, bound to be perfect, right?

Image Courtesy: Priya’s Kitchenette

Pakki Keri Nu Shaak

While most of us profess undying love for the king of fruits, some of us are not big fans of the fruit. But go the Indian route and try this curried ripe mango delicacy, you will fall in love with mangoes!

Image Courtesy: Chatori Ladki

Singhare Ki Kachri

Made from water chestnuts, this street food favourite from the gallis of Lucknow needs to get more airtime . Packed with flavour and nutrition, this is truly spectacular!

Image Courtesy: Food Fun and Frolic

Chana Dal Fara /Gojha / Peetha

Tempered with curry leaves and mustard and served with a fresh coriander chutney, these lentil stuffed dumplings are exactly what we Indians love to eat!

Image Courtesy: Savory Tales

Pindi Miriyam

A spicy, tangy stew that is oh so nutritious and perfect for the heat of Andhra. But also soon getting forgotten from menus all over the world.

Image Courtesy: Cooks Hideout

Goan Clams Coconut Suke

And how can this list not have a hidden gem from Goa’s coastal finery. Seafood, coconut and spicy goodness. Yum!

Image Courtesy: Foodie n Fabulous

Litti Chokha

The smell of melting ghee and the aromas of mashed vegetables. This dish from Bihar is what memories are made of, for a lot of my food blogger friends. And I wish I could taste it now!

Image Courtesy: Rachna’s Kitchen

Pappada Vada

A super addictive snack that was a staple in homes in Kerala but is fast loosing out in popularity to Lays and Pringles.

Image Courtesy: The Take it Easy Chef

Kobbari Kova Kajjikayalu

A Makar Sankranthi special in Andhra.

Image Courtesy: Blend with Spices

Mor Kuzhu

Soft, melt in your mouth snacks which are perfect for the ‘tiffin’ that Tamil Nadu is famous for!

Image Courtesy: Nithya’s Kitchen

Gobi Danthal

Made from cauliflower stems in a spicy, tangy gravy, this Punjabi dish is just what you wanted with the roti.

Image Courtesy: The Secret Ingredient

Ande ka Meetha/ Ande ka Halwa

While everyone is aware of Indian sweets made with khova and cashews and dry fruits, not a lot of us know about sweets made with egg, right?

Image Courtesy: Mareena’s Recipe Collection

Uppu Kozhakkattai

A popular breakfast or tiffin in the past, these are getting forgotten in favour of dosas and idlis. Shame!

Image Courtesy: Anitha Cooks


One of the lesser known of Tam Brahm specialties, this is a curry made using 7 vegetables and served specially on Thiruvathirai.

Image Courtesy: Saffron Trail

Goan Colocasia Leaves Masala | Terren Tonak

Even though when most of us think of Goan cuisine, it is seafood and non vegetarian dishes tat come to mind, there are a lot of very special vegetarian delicacies that this cuisine celebrates. Case in point!

Image Courtesy: Raksha’s Kitchen

Milagu Kuzhambu

A cleansing curry from down south that a lot of us could do with after putting our bodies through rigorous appreciation of junk food.

Image Courtesy: Resh Kitchen

Sukku Pal

Dried ginger powder milk, equals the best drink for cold winter mornings. Nuff said!

Image Courtesy: Kurinji Kathambam

Menthe Hittu

Also known as Methkoot (yes that’s what it’s called!), this dish from North Karnataka and Maharashtra is made from various mixed pulses and grains. And with some warm ghee and hot rice, perfection!

Image Courtesy: Cook with Smile

Macher Tel Jhal

The famous Bengali love for fish, shines in this spicy, garlicky concoction.

Image Courtesy: Golden Spices

Jackfruit seeds and Raw mango curry

A specialty from Kerala, this curry is super versatile and is definitely the stuff that lingers on as tantalising memories on your taste bud.

Image Courtesy: A little bit of Spice

Chena Poda

A cheese based dessert that’s popular in Orissa, especially during festivals like Durga Pooja. The world need to know about this!

Image Courtesy: Spoon Fork and Food


One of the things that I constantly want to try is one of these sun dried fryums. Making them used to a treasured family tradition, but busy schedules have meant that it’s remained a dream…

Image Courtesy: Vidya’s Home Cooking

Mutter ka Nimona

A lost North Indian recipe, that is so simple, but oh so flavourful. Time to get it back to our kitchens?

Image Courtesy: Pepper on Pizza

Kuthiraivali Kuzhi Paniyaram

While the rice based Paniyarams are quite common, this barnyard millet variety is an even better option and packed with nutrition.

Image Courtesy: Divya’s Culinary Journey

Baked Koorka Mezhukuperatti

One of the most under appreciated root vegetables is the Chinese potato or Koorka. Since it takes a long time to clean, people are often put off by making it. But this recipe is a killer twist on the classic koorka upperi.

Image Courtesy: The Culinary Trail


An heirloom recipe, popular in the north, this is great with a bowl of steaming rice and hot dal.

Image Courtesy: Simply Vegetarian 777

Raoh Ki kheer

A pudding made from sugar cane juice, this Punjabi dish is a revelation to anyone who thought kheer had to be all milky.

Image Courtesy: Sinamon Tales

Nana’s Patties

And as a finale to this list, it is this very special recipe, brimming with nostalgia and memories. These are the things that cooking and food should be all about. Love and laughter!

Image Courtesy: Yummy Inside my Tummy