Yes, yes. I know, it’s nearly time for the July update, but this author has good reason for being a wee bit late with the updates this month. There was the whole ‘until death do us apart’ thing that I had to be a part of you see. But that’s old news; the update is here now, and like always, we have loads to tell!!

A Long Awaited Home Page Revamp!

The RecipeWriter Gets Even More Fancy

These updates have been done specifically keeping in mind sponsored content.

Cucumbertown is on Product Hunt!

Migrations Get Even More Efficient

Last month we were excited to welcome Culinary Express, Savory Tales, Recipes and You and Spoon Fork and Food to the Cucumbertown family. And we have more being added to this list every day. Exciting times to say the least…

Customisable Themes and a Theme Development Package Is Now Available

Well we have a reputation of taking feedback, and this time too things were no different.

Here’s how you can customise your theme.

  1. Login to your Cucumbertown account. Then navigate to your blog .

2. At the right bottom, you will see the button below.

3. When you click on it, this panel will open up.

4. Click on Configure Theme. The page below will open in new tab.

5. To edit an existing theme, click on Edit. To choose a new theme, scroll, choose and then save.

6. When you click on edit, you can customise the appearance, order of widgets and so on.

And here’s a gif in case we missed anything out in that. Always remember to Save for the changes to reflect.

Besides this, a theme development package is also available for designers. So if you have a freelance designer working for you or if you are a designer yourself, reach out to us and this development package will be available to you.

Infinite Scroll Experiment

The infinite scroll basically meant that when you went on to a post in Saffron Trail, you could scroll down, and more and more recipes and posts from the blog would show. This could have encouraged people to spend more time on a particular page or navigate to more pages within the blog.

Check out this post, and you will know what we mean.

Ebook Experiment

The books are currently available as downloadable pdfs and come complete with step images.

We are still working on the finer details of this and this feature will only be open to other bloggers after full testing.

Sponsored Content Team Making Major Progress

With the confectionery brand, the bloggers had to mention the name of the brand, include keywords and link the brand. With the grocery e-retail brand a similar campaign was conducted where social media promotions were included as a part of the campaign. When the campaign was done, in depth reports were shared with the brands.

More campaigns are planned in the upcoming months and it’s definitely an exciting time to be in the food blogging industry. If you know a brand who is interested in working with us, write to us at If you are a brand, please fill out this partner form, we usually get back within a day.

And The Love Keeps Coming In!

Quite the whirlwind month, don’t you think? But we have to admit, we have been struggling to keep up with the influx of requests and messages. While we would love to respond to every query as soon as possible the last month and this month, we have been tested on this score. Hopefully when our food blogging guide comes out in a few months time, we will have this situation handled in a better way. But until then, we cannot thank our bloggers enough for all their patience and support. Thank you so much! And until next month Ciao!

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