What is the process of migrating to Cucumbertown?

Roli Srivastava
Nov 18, 2015 · 5 min read

We get this question a lot. And I mean a loooot. And there is a good reason why we did not put up this post before. It’s because we were experimenting and looking at what the ideal way of doing this would be. Initially it was a lot of manual work, replicating content manually, verifying everything was in place and editing anything that needed editing. Then came the code. But it was still not as evolved as the current automated process. So we deferred.

But now the time has come to tell you all what the process for migration is and how to do it.

Even though this is an automated migration process, do note that we are always here to talk to you. So if you need clarifications or help, do not hesitate to us. Write to us on migrate@cucumbertown.com.

Before we continue into the process of migration, two things that should be noted here. If you are planning to buy a new custom domain as a part of the migration, then you will need to buy that domain yourself from any of the popular domain marketplaces like, Go Daddy, or Name Cheap. The payment for the same will have to be taken care of by the blogger.

Additionally if you have been blogging on a Wordpress subdomain, i.e; your Wordpress blog was something along the lines of www.xyz.wordpress.com, then you will need to pay Wordpress for the redirection to Cucumbertown. This is a charge levied by Wordpress, it is not something that Cucumbertown has set up. It costs around $13. It’s free of cost on Blogger.

Once the blogger confirms they want to move over to Cucumbertown, this is what happens. We connect to the Wordpress/blogger account as an admin and do an automated migration of the content. That includes posts + recipes + comments + categories. This is then moved to a temporary sandbox.

Internal Wordpress/Blogger followers of the blog cannot be migrated, but email subscribers can be migrated, and will appear as followers of the blog.

Once the content has been moved to a sandbox, it is then available to the blogger to verify. This is done is by using an editing interface. Here are the steps involved for the author to verify the content.

  1. Login to cucumbertown.com.
  2. After you are logged in, go to cucumbertown.com/import/

3. For each post, click on import. On the screen that open up, the window on the left is the original content as it appears on the Wordpress/Blogger blog. On the right you can see the new version as it will appear on the Cucumbertown blog. Go through the migrated post make changes/ additions (if required) and hit publish.

Note: For all posts, the bloggers has to hit Publish, before it will appear on the blog, even if no changes had to be made in post.

One thing that we are often asked is, why is there a need for this verification. When a blogger attempts to migrate from Blogger to Wordpress or vice-versa it’s done in ten minutes. Yes. But that’s because it’s just a whole text migration. But in our case since our RecipeWriter was developed with inbuilt SEO compliance, we identify all ingredients, step images, recipe notes, duration etc from the text, and format them accordingly, so that your blog is more SEO friendly.

Once the content verification is complete, the customisation process begins. This can be done by choosing the theme.

Once you choose from one of the existing themes, we will get the theme incorporated. Here are some of the themes available at present.

Once the theme and content is sorted, we will then do a traffic analysis of the blog to see if you have any pages that have traffic issues. Once this is analysed, the redirection takes place. The temporary sandbox is converted into the actual blog, complete with new design, SEO friendly recipes and so on. After redirection, the traffic is closely monitored and any reported issues will be looked into.

And just to clarify, simply buying a domain and pointing that to CT does not take care of data migration.

This is the process that goes into the migration of your blog to Cucumbertown. At every step, you can expect assistance from the team. All questions and queries are welcome!

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