CUDL Bridge and more Milky ways!

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2 min readOct 12, 2021


Since our launch last week we already had 169 players joining the CUDLing on the Abritrum network. If you’re not familiar with the game yet you can read our launch article:

Today we bring 2 new awaited features to the game:

Bridging CUDL from Ethereum mainnet

From today you can bridge your previously mined CUDL to Arbitrum to use in the game, stake for milk or trade.

Head to the bridge page:

Connect your favorite wallet to the Ethereum mainnet and select the amount of CUDL you want to send to Arbitrum. Approve the two transactions.

Your CUDL will appear on your Arbitrum wallet after around 10 minutes!

Staking CUDL to earn Milk

It is now possible to stake only CUDL in order to earn Milk that can be spent in the Bazaar to unlock new features and breeding in the near future.

A total of 10 Milk per day is distributed to stakers depending on their allocation size in the pool.

If you’re hungry for more milk, you can stake CUDL and ETH on Sushiswap to receive a part of the daily 90 Milk reward.

Stay tuned for more CUDL fun coming soon!