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Cudl Game V0.1 Update

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Achievements so far

  • Fully functioning game with different strategies and features: bonk, fatalities, races, leaderboard, etc
  • Over 2100 Mooncats joined the game and 1830 are alive right now in the leaderboard and actively playing.
  • Early signs of organic growth
  • Bootstrapping initial community (more below)
  • The game brought a lot of users and trades to NFT20
  • The DAO is making more money.


We are excited seeing new members join the NFT20/MUSE ecosystem that are proactive, help new users, ship stuff (tweets, articles, help, code) and are overall positive about where the game is going.

What’s coming?

In the coming days we will explore with the following things, note that besides the bazaar none of the other things are certain and are just in exploratory phase.

🥛Milk Points and Bazaar

small preview
  • Hibernation — Take a rest for 30 days from the game
  • Show Achievements — Show in the leaderboard the achievements your Mooncat makes. Achievements could be as NFTs, stay tuned.
  • Litter Box — If your Cat gets dirty and starts losing score, you’ll have to clean it to stop losing score.
  • Change name
  • Change description

Rethink the Game’s Mining algorithm

Many users expressed they want a “burning” mechanism, we are still discussing but this could come in different ways, either change the price of the food, adjust the leveling up algorithm or introduce a whole new aspect. Still to be defined and feel free to share ideas.

Shared games

The lottery and races turned to be super fun so we hope to continue this weekly games that involve several users in the community.


We are thinking of mechanisms that will require to join forces with other players to achieve a common goal, this could be to attack others and lower their score (never their TOD) or to revive dead pets.



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