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3 min readAug 27, 2021


Today we are excited to unveil the plan moving forward with Cudl. If you want to read more about the bug and what happened, please check out our previous article.

The bug was very unfortunate but the future is looking bright for NFT Games in general and CUDL in particular.

Plan moving forward

The CUDL Token

Due to the bug, the CUDL token had to be paused for the benefit of all our users. For those who paid attention to the turn of events, the bug was exploited and we could have paused the token right away but we didn't, we tried to take every measure possible before arriving at this decision.

This was a huge personal failure for us that led us to a mini burnout and to take a vacation and rethink things, pausing the token and being in the situation we are now is something we don’t believe in.

We use OpenZeppelin contract templates for ERC20 tokens and it has a pause function in it, we never gave it enough thought as it never crossed our reality to think about pausing a token. Don’t trust, verify and code should be law.

We are relaunching a new CUDL token, this time it won’t have any pausing feature. The keys for minting (this is needed to give for example the game contract the power to mine CUDL) will be transferred to the MUSE Multi-Sig upon deployment. No single individual will have access to it.

CUDL Token Snapshot

We took a snapshot of all CUDL holders, all holders of CUDL besides the users that exploited the bug will get to claim the same amount they had.

ETH back To Liquidity Providers

We are going to create a proposal for MUSE holders to approve 10 ETH out of the treasury to pay back liquidity providers. This is pending their approval but if they agree to it, you’ll have to send the LP token to a contract and it will give you ETH and CUDL in return.

If they don’t approve the proposal, you’ll get CUDL instead of ETH.


The milk contract will reset and all milk will be lost, see below the plan for the game relaunch.

Game Relaunch

The game will be relaunched Sunday of next week (9 days). The code is ready but we just want to perform additional tests.

The game will relaunch with the updated mining algorithm which will let you mine 90% less CUDL. Unfortunately, it will complicate a lot of things if we wanted to regenerate the state of the pets before the bug, it will require more weeks of development, testing and a lot of money.

Due to food costing 90% less, previous players will be somewhat “rewarded” by being able to feed with the cudl they accumulated and reach their previous level at a much faster pace than new players.

Previous Mooncat id’s that were alive the game will be able to rejoin for free (costs a bit of gas).

Bazaar — The bazaar will relaunch on the same day.

New Users — We’ll allow new users to join the game but it will cost a significant amount of CUDL to do so.

Breeding — We are working on designs of new Pets that will be obtained via breeding, those pets will be native to the game and the designs will be stored on chain.

Native pets won’t need to pay the join fee and will create a new economy of “breedeers” for players in the game.

You’ll need milk + some CUDL to breed, or you can buy them on the open market from breeders (NFT20/OpenSEa).

Airdrop to CUDLers

Jules and Adam are working on an art project involving NFTs. We already took a snapshot and all CUDLers that had 6 pets or less will get a free NFT when the project launches in the coming weeks.