The Return of CUDL!

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5 min readOct 7, 2021


The last 48 days were a long wait but we’re glad to be back! After an exploited bug, recovery, and some introspection, we are super excited to share that $CUDL Finance is back and running on the Arbitrum network! Start playing here!

If you don’t know how to set up Arbitrum with metamask, please read this guide, takes less than a minute, and you can use this bridge to send some Ether to cover your gas expenses.

With Arbitrum L2 we can take CUDL to new heights never imagined thanks to lower gas costs and faster TXs. We can now go bigger, crazier, and even experiment faster.

CUDL is an experimental game created by the VeryNifty team for the $MUSE DAO. In the game, you are able to pet an NFT. You can mine $CUDL once a day and use the $CUDL to feed the pet keeping it alive. If you do not feed your pet it can be burned by other players for rewards.

The wise know their limitations; the foolish do not.

Here’s how everything will work 👇

Meet the new CUDL Pets!

The CUDL Pets are NFTs (ERC721) tokens that have different characteristics, colors, and rarities, they are all stored fully on-chain, their state (happy, hungry, dead, etc) updates on-chain based on the game state and will reflect on the pet appearance.

The design of the CUDL pets can be upgraded over time as we improve our on chain design techniques.

Every Mooncat owner that owned a pet alive in the previous game can go here and claim a free pet with his previous score and level, just costs $2 of gas in the Arbitrum Network to claim (Read how to send some ETH to the Arbitrum chain here).

You will own a randomly generated and on-chain stored CUDL Pet with your previous pet score, level, and mining capabilities — adjusted to the new algorithm.

The $CUDL Token Bridge

The token address for the original CUDL will stay the same, the $CUDL l2 token is 0x0f4676178b5c53ae0a655f1b19a96387e4b8b5f2.

You’ll be able to bridge back and forth starting in the coming days, we had to create a custom bridge that we are still testing.

The Game

The core of the game stays the same as the previous version of CUDL — mine once every 24 hours and feed your Pet to keep it alive. This time with way cheaper gas! About $1–3 per tx!

Deflationary Pets?

In this version of CUDL, when a pet is starved and gets fatalized. The CUDL Pet NFT gets burned forever and can’t be recovered, no 9 lives 😿.

This makes the game more fun and with higher consequences for your pet! just like with a real tamgotchi.


For the benefit of the game, the previously earned milk won’t be moved to the Arbitrum network, however, you can add LP on CUDL-ETH on Sushiswap Arbitrum and start earning MILK from today.

There is a total of 100 $MILK produced per day, the milk is shared between all players in the contract based on your staked LP amount.

Note that while MILK is not an ERC20 token compaitble meaning it can’t be transfered, in the future you might be able to sell milk in the bazaar and get paid in CUDL.

Milk will become more and more important as time passes and will become the pillar of the CUDLverse.

The bazaar!

The Bazaar V0.01 is up and running, name your pet, send to hibernation or get a Milker Badge!

More features like sending your pets through scary adventures, or to school to earn more score or $CUDL will start to be rolled out slowly after this launch.

Everything will require Milk, some will require MILK and $CUDL.

P2P Pets Marketplace

We now have an official marketplace where you can buy and sell CUDL Pets.

For new players to join CUDL we have a marketplace up and running where 2000 pets will be sold for 0.1 eth each, the funds will go to the MUSE DAO and to the creators of the game.

The only way to generate new pets after the 2000 pets are sold, will be by players breeding and hatching with Milk.

After the initial 200 pets sell out, breeding and the p2p market will be fully rolled out and users will be able to buy or sell their pets on this marketplace, this will be the only way of new pet creation.

Battles and Weapons ⚔️

In the coming weeks, we’ll release a new battling system using the CUDL Weapons we released a few weeks ago, stay tuned.

This will also serve as the first test to bridge NFTs from mainnet to arbitrum.


We would love to keep supporting Mooncats on l2, due to the high value of mooncats we want to be more cautious and test the bridge we are working on more thoroughly (see above for CUDL weapons)

additionally, if the Mooncat community creates an l2 bridge we can add Mooncats in no time, our game will support it from day 1.

Caution and still on BETA

This is a game and shouldn’t be used as a financial instrument, we are the first real NFT project on Arbitrum, creating new bridges, storing NFTs on chain that change state, our own marketplace as no OpenSea on Arbitrum, etc.

We are pushing the boundaries with 2 people working on it and no audits. We are still in BETA and a lot of bugs may still occur, play with caution.

!moon missions are harder and more dangerous then !floor missions.

The honey doesn’t taste so good once it is being eaten; the goal doesn’t mean so much once it is reached; the reward is no so rewarding once it has been given. If we add up all the rewards in our lives, we won’t have very much. But if we add up the spaces *between* the rewards, we’ll come up with quite a bit. And if we add up the rewards *and* the spaces, then we’ll have everything — every minute of the time that we spent. — the TAO OF CUDL