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BlockVenture Coalition Joins Cudos as Network Validator 🥳

BVC is next to become a proud partner with Cudos

Cudos is proud to officially welcome the BlockVenture Coalition to the Cudos Validator Network as a Validator to our upcoming Decentralized Cloud Network.

US-based BlockVenture Coalition (BVC), an alliance of blockchain VCs and university blockchain groups, are now confirmed as an operator on the CUDOS Validator Network (CVN). Founded by Philip Forte and Tyler Wellener in 2018, BVC boasts a global network of universities and VCs aiming to be a bridge into the space for web 3.0 companies like Cudo.

“BVC has been a key partner to Cudos since April 2019, so we’re delighted to secure their status as a validator on our CVN. This shows full confidence in our network model and token economics, whilst also bringing a key strategic region to the CVN.” noted Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudos.

“We strongly envision Cudos and their CVN powering web 3.0 applications and ecosystems in the near future, and we want to be part of this new decentralized cloud model. This space is going to scale tremendously over the next few years, so becoming an early validator to a business that we have been working extremely closely with for over 18 months was a no-brainer.” said Philip Forte, Partner at BVC.

Early validators to the CVN will receive staking rewards of up to 30% with initial multi-chain support for Ethereum and Algorand blockchains.

About BlockVenture Coalition

The BlockVenture Coalition is a global alliance of top research groups and VC funds in the blockchain space. The firm has partnered with 41 university blockchain research groups and 44 blockchain specific VCs.

For more information visit:

About Cudos

Cudos is bridging the gap between Cloud and Blockchain, by using the world’s available computing to power a more decentralized, sustainable and connected world.

Cudos is being designed as a cross-chain, decentralized compute network, with CUDOS as the utility & infrastructure token designed to empower Web 3.0 operations on the network. The Cudos network will enable anyone to sell or consume excess computational resources, either via blockchain/smart contract or through more traditional cloud computing API’s.

In essence, what this means is Cudos will be one of the few networks which can power other blockchains and scale to the demands of cloud computing required today.

For more information, please visit: Website: Twitter: Telegram:




Cudos is powering the metaverse through cloud computing bringing together DeFi, NFTs, and gaming experiences to realise the vision of a decentralised Web 3.0, enabling all users to benefit from the growth of the network.

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