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CUDOS is listing on KuCoin!

We are extremely excited to announce CUDOS will be listing on KuCoinat 10am UTC on Tuesday February 2nd.

To buy CUDOS, please head to KuCoin and create an account, if you do not already have one.

The exchange is full-reserve, meaning the account must be funded with USDT in order to place an order to buy CUDOS on the CUDOS/USDT trading pair.

KuCoin is listed in the top 10 exchanges when ranked by volume on Coinmarketcap and we’re delighted to do our second listing with them!

Please note: if you are a US citizen, then you will be exempt from purchasing CUDOS tokens due to US law.

For further assistance or to become a part of our community, please join our Telegram Group, or our exchange partners Telegram Group.



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