Cudos Labs: development update! (09/06/2022)

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Last week:

Cudos Network

  • After the recent 0.9.0 Public Testnet update, we performed our usual test procedure to validate the build. The tests covered the following modules:
  • WASM
  • BANK
  • NFT
  • GOV
  • CW20
  • We updated the Dress Rehearsal (DR) network technical docs.
  • We prepared for the commencement of Step 1 of the DR network.
  • We moved the Dress Rehearsal launch process forward by finishing Step 2 and initiating the 3rd Step. We launched the DR network thanks to everyone’s efforts before the end of the week.

Gravity Bridge

  • After the 0.9.0 release, we deployed the Gravity Bridge User Interface (UI) to the Public Testnet.

Cudos Dashboard

  • We’ve finalised the implementations (both frontend and backend) for the modals of all proposal types.
  • We’ve completed the Validator’s Information section on the Validators Details page.
  • We’re finalising the Statistics and Delegators Activity sections on the “Validators Details” page.

Explorer Updates

  • We’ve added Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to the gCloud SQL database of explorer-v2 for the Hasura connection.
  • We’ve deployed both Explorer v1 and v2 on the upgraded Public Testnet.
  • We’ve fixed a parameter change proposal bug in Explorer v1.
  • We’ve enabled staking on a jailed validator. Previously, this was impossible, making it difficult for a slashed validator that has fallen below the minimum self-delegation threshold to get back to the network. This action is now possible through the Command Line Interface.
  • We’ve tested and included in the explorer-v2 deployment guide an expanded description of the environmental variables.


  • We’re researching the Cudos MultiSig wallet’s implementation. We’re discussing multiple approaches.
  • We’ve modified the Ethereum Cudos Wallet to handle the increaseStake method efficiently.
  • We’ve resolved an issue in the Ethereum Cudos Wallet where “Claim Rewards” was generating a 404 error for operators of active validators. It now links to the validators information page at /validators path.
  • We’ve fixed an Ethereum Cudos Wallet message bug reported earlier.

Current week:

  • We’re preparing for the imminent Cudos Mainnet launch now that we’ve rolled out the DR.
  • We’re doing final checks on token migration scripts and balance validation.
  • We’re deploying all User Interfaces in production.
  • We’re doing further testing on the Mainnet DR Network and implementing fixes on any issues discovered during the tests.

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