Cudos Labs: development update! (24/06/2022)

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4 min readJun 24, 2022


Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Last week:

Cudos Network

  • We successfully launched the Cudos mainnet network.
  • We ensured that git, docker, docker compose, and nginx are installed and operational on all Mainnet infrastructure machines.
  • We worked on the migration script-related tokenomics testing.
  • We assessed multiple constructor and launcher script overviews and security updates.
  • We worked rigorously to improve the documentation for the upgrading, network joining, and node creation processes.
  • We have documented the conditions for ModuleAccount to release deposited tokens after a rejected proposal.
  • We went through basic transaction testing on Mainnet.
  • We continued the support for post-Mainnet-related operations and the finalisation of the IBC module setup.
  • We concluded the Smart Contract verification study and moved on to implementation.

Gravity Bridge

  • We deployed the Gravity Bridge User Interface (UI) on Public Testnet — https://
  • We deployed the Mainnet Gravity Bridge on a dedicated public address —
  • We assessed the UI for bug fixing on the bridge.
  • We did basic testing of the Gravity Bridge and transferred tokens from Ethereum to the Cudos Network.
  • We continued with minor UI-related bug fixes.

Cudos Dashboard

  • We completed the functionality creation for getting all proposals on the Dashboard.
  • We finalised the modals for creating all types of improvement proposals through the Dashboard.
  • We finalised the functionality creation for voting on a proposal.
  • We implemented the overview of proposal statistics and delegators’ activities.
  • We completed the UI and the functionality for presenting a validator’s information.
  • We deployed Cudos Dashboard v0.2.0 on Private Testnet. Here’s what’s new:
  • We finalised the Validators details page.
  • We Implemented Delegate, Redelegate and Undelegate functionalities and the related modals.
  • We made improvements to the Dashboard main page and added information about Staked tokens amount.
  • We finalised the Proposals list page.
  • “Create proposal” is incomplete and unfit for testing at this time. This will all be a part of a subsequent deployment.


  • We continued bug fixing, and user experience (UX) updates for Explorer v1 and Explorer v2. Here’s what we’ve done:
  • Bug fixes:
  • Parameter change proposal bug on explorer v1.
  • Undelegate does not retrieve/display the correct amount available to Undelegate.
  • Explorer v1 Redelegate and Undelegate buttons do not appear after Delegating.
  • Redelegate sometimes does not show the right balance to redelegate from v1.
  • Explorer sorting algorithm does not work correctly.
  • Explorer v2 is missing blocks.
  • Withdraw Rewards Message shows ” NaN undefined” on v1 Explorer UI.


  • Set up
  • Enhance cudosAdmin token transfer messages on v1 Explorer UI
  • Double-check the DNS mappings for Mainnet.
  • We’ve continued with minor bug fixes. As we will soon launch Cudos Dashboard, we are not prioritising removing any issues or minor bugs on Explorer ver.1.
  • We tested Explorer ver.1 on the Mainnet. We have Delegated and Redelegated, and everything works as expected.
  • We developed minor enhancements to the Explorer v2’s user interface, and they will be deployed to Mainnet shortly.

MultiSig Wallet

  • We started working on a Proof of Concept (PoC) for the Cudos MultiSig wallet.
  • We are currently basing the implementation of the PoC on the Cosmos Group module, which is still in active development and has not been officially released. Here’s what we’ve completed so far:
  • Ability to create wallet and add owners.
  • Ability to create a proposal (transactions are named “proposals” in the Cosmos Group module).
  • Ability to vote on a proposal and execute a proposal (signing and executing a transaction).
  • Basic interface for the PoC functionalities.

Cudos Blast

  • We released a new framework version, the most recent version being 2.0.0. Here are the essential updates concerning the release.


  • Ability to use ‘console.log’ in JEST unit tests
  • Ability to handle future plugin install
  • Introduction of an ‘option’ object
  • Introduction of a ‘bre’ object
  • Updated documentation
  • Improve contract deploying and instantiating
  • Cudos-noted version update to the latest — v1.0.0 Mainnet release
  • Improved project structure
  • Updated and improved smart contract template
  • Updated CosmWasm dependency version.

Current week:

  • Post Mainnet support.
  • We’re implementing the Cudos MultiSig wallet — Proof of Concept.
  • We’re working on bug fixes for Cudos Dashboard version 0.2.0.
  • We’re finalising the Cudos Dashboard Proposals Details page.
  • We’re implementing Smart Contracts Verification.
  • We’re researching the Cudos NFT minting UI.
  • We’re undertaking research into the future Dapps we’ll deploy.
  • Cudos Dashboard — Improvements on the interaction with proposals functionality.
  • Cudos Dashboard — Include Faucet for testnet environments.
  • Enhancement of Gravity Bridge — Cancel transactions UI.

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