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Cudos Labs: Private Testnet Update🔧

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Here at Cudos HQ we’ve been working extremely hard with our Private Testnet which is now live, in our last update, we introduced our first development phase “Cognitum” and since then we’ve made quite a lot of progress. Check out the progress we’ve made since last week and where the focus will be in the week to come below!

Progress since last week:

  • Testing of different scenarios for the Testnet
  • Preparing guides for developing, customising, and debugging CosmWasm-based Cudos Network smart-contracts
  • Testing the Cudos Network bridge to Ethereum, currently interfacing with Rinkeby
  • Research and design of the Cudos Network SDK, and associated dev tooling, for smart-contract developers
  • Video instructions and walkthrough on the process of setting up a Full Node and Validator Node on the Cudos Network Testnet
  • Adding the Cudos Network’s on-chain Governance module for validators and other DAO members

The focus this week:

  • Continue with the conversion of ERC-20 account addresses to the Cosmos address format
  • Finalising the minting algorithm
  • Finalization of the vesting scenarios
  • Continue with research and estimation of requirements for the tooling and SDK

As always, more updates will be available over the coming weeks from Cudos, so be sure to stay connected through our online channels outlined below.

The future is now for Cudos, be at the forefront.

About Cudos

The Cudos Network is a layer 1 blockchain and layer 2 computation and oracle network being designed to ensure decentralized, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale and enable scaling of computing resources to 100,000’s of nodes. Once bridged onto Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot, and Cosmos, Cudos will enable scalable compute and Layer 2 Oracles on all of the bridged blockchains.

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Cudos is powering the metaverse through cloud computing bringing together DeFi, NFTs, and gaming experiences to realise the vision of a decentralised Web 3.0, enabling all users to benefit from the growth of the network.

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