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Cudos Staking Platform: Community Update🚀

As our community knows, Cudos has been building the Staking Platform. Research, resources, planning and cunning have taken Cudos to the next stage of its development phase. As such, Cudos believes its community is ready for an update.

We’re steadily approaching the launch of our Staking Platform. One more small step and a giant leap for Cudos ensues. But first, some context as to why a delay to the launch of the Staking Platform was warranted. DeFi has been under security threats in recent times, so the Cudos team has been making the necessary precautions to prevent any such attacks on our community when using the platform.

The other impending consideration was the consumer experience; refinements in our UI and the functionality of the platform has taken large priority. For the sake of the overall integrity of the Staking Platform, Cudos wasn’t going to provide anything other than a premium experience. Hence the developments have been the foothold of the last quarter. But, worry not — the onset is near for the staking platform. Take a sneak peek at this reveal for what is to come!

By no means is this the finished article, but it’s a sneak peek into what might be to come! Our development and graphics teams have been hard at work creating an experience like no other. But that’s not all, we’ve been developing further security parameters to strengthen your experience and ensure confidence with the platform.

To find out more about our project please visit or visit one of our social media channels via the links below.

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