Introduce Someone to the next-generation Cloud Platform and WIN Over $70,000 in Prizes!

Sep 11, 2019 · 3 min read
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Cudo has created the technology that connects consumers of cloud computing, to providers looking to monetise their underutilised hardware. By creating CUDOS — The Next Generation Cloud platform, Cudo is able to provide organisations with up to 10x more cost-effective computing.

Following this breakthrough-capable piece of technology, you and your friends can join the disruption and be eligible for incredible rewards! Refer your friends, earn more crypto from them, and compete for the Grand Total prize!

A total equivalent to approximately $71,800 USD worth of CUDOS tokens has been reserved for winners in this new Rewards Campaign. Prize distribution will be as follows:


  • One grand prize of $2,500 USD worth of CUDOS tokens for the participant who refers the most amount of new qualified members;
  • Every qualified user will receive $7 in CUDOS tokens.
  • Additionally, for every qualified referral, referrers will earn $0.70 in CUDOS tokens.
  • After registering with our Bot, you will be given your referral link.
  • Only qualified referrals will be counted towards rewards. A qualified referral is a verified user who completes all the necessary tasks
  • Maximum number of participants — 9,000 participants;
  • Campaign Duration: 2 months;
  • Rewards calculations will be finalized up to 30 days after the last day of the rewards campaign.

Participation Guidelines:

  1. Register with the Bot —
  2. You will receive an email to verify your email address;
  3. Please fill up this form:
  4. Join Cudo on ALL of the following channels:

a) Telegram:

b) Social Media Pages:

5. Remain on ALL channels for the entire duration of the campaign.

** Note: In order to be eligible as the Grand Prize winner, the participant must refer at least 500 new qualified referrals. ***

General Terms:

  • Payment addresses will NOT be changed after submission, so please ensure all details submitted are correct;
  • There will be a 6-month lock up period for the tokens after distribution;
  • Fraudulent activity, including but not limited to duplication of accounts, handles, or devices, will result in termination of the participant from the program and forfeiture of tokens;
  • The Project reserves the right to amend terms at any time during the Campaign;
  • Participants must practice good behavior and respectable conduct. Any inappropriate behavior by Participants may result in disqualification from the Campaign. What constitutes this behavior is at the arbitration and discretion of Campaign Managers, whose decisions are final;
  • We encourage useful, constructive comments, and strongly discourage everyone to make rubbish or unnecessary spam comments like “GOOD PROJECT”, “GOOD TEAM”. Those who will abuse this will be removed from the campaign and will not receive bounty tokens;

Bot sign-up process:

  1. Click the following link: bot link to be provided once the campaign is being set-up;
  2. Press the START button on Telegram;
  3. Give consent as per GDPR;
  4. Send full name;
  5. Submit email;
  6. Enter the Ethereum address;
  7. Confirm the information and agree to terms;
  8. Check email with link and instructions;
  9. Click the link in the email to enter Telegram with the bot;
  10. Press the START button on Telegram;

CUDOS: The Next Generation Cloud Platform

The demand for computing power has never been so high, from video rendering through to medical research, a wide variety of global organisations require external hardware in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

What if your computer, console, or smartphone could instantly earn you money when you are not using it and be harnessed to benefit a new ecosystem? An ecosystem where hardware owners become suppliers and businesses benefit from lower costs? The answer is CUDOS — a greener and more cost efficient next-generation Cloud platform.

Cudo created the technology that connects consumers of cloud computing to providers looking to monetise their underutilised hardware, allowing organisations to leverage from up to 10x more cost-effective computing usage.

Read CUDOS Sharing Economy survey report.

Learn more about CUDOS and join the community at:





Next Generation Cloud

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