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Meet The CUDOS Staking Platform Giveaway Winners! 🏆

The CUDOS Twitter Competition was a huge success! We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part. We received over 1600 entries! Unfortunately, not everyone could be a winner, however, there will be plenty of fantastic opportunities in the future for members of the CUDOS community to win more tokens! We’ll be in touch with the winners within the next 48 hrs to distribute the rewards🏆

Competition Winners 🥇

Radomir Zhirkov🥇$500 in CUDOS

Koushik Ghosh🥇$500 in CUDOS

Alexander Belkov🥇$500 in CUDOS

Naveen Reddy🥇$500 in CUDOS

Thodup Maan🥇$500 in CUDOS

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