Revolutionising Payments in the Cloud: CUDOS Intercloud’s Latest Enhancements

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5 min readFeb 28, 2024


At CUDOS, we always look for ways to enhance your experience and streamline every aspect of your cloud computing journey. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates to the CUDOS Intercloud payment system, making it more accessible, flexible, and transparent than ever!

New Payment Methods: Embracing OSMO, USDCaxl, and Polygon USDC

Understanding the diverse preferences of our community, we’ve expanded our payment options to include $OSMO and $USDCaxl via Keplr wallet and USDC in Polygon via MetaMask. This integration not only broadens your choices but also taps into the power of blockchain for seamless transactions.

  • OSMO and USDCaxl Integration: You can use OSMO and USDCaxl tokens in Osmosis directly for payments, leveraging the Cosmos ecosystem’s efficiency and scalability.
  • Polygon USDC Integration: Using MetaMask, you can now additionally pay with USDC on Polygon to deploy VMs, increasing your pay and providing more flexibility and accessibility.

Expanding our accepted payments will not dilute our native token but will strengthen our entire ecosystem and increase users.

Supercharged Payment Features

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve supercharged the CUDOS Intercloud payment system with excellent new features designed to make your experience as smooth as possible:

  • Easy Payment Tracking: Keep an eye on your payment history with our enhanced tracking feature. Every transaction you make is logged and easily accessible.
  • Detailed Transaction Reviews: Dive into the details of each transaction. You’ll see the date and time, the USD value credited, the number of tokens paid, and the chain used for payment.
  • Retry Failed Transactions: Encounter a hiccup? No problem. Our system now allows you to prompt the platform to retry any failed transactions effortlessly.
  • Receipts for Every Transaction: For added transparency, you’ll receive a receipt for every transaction, complete with comprehensive details. This includes the conversion method, like “We converted this payment to USD on Osmosis to ensure you have a stable balance,” alongside the linked transaction on the blockchain for full traceability.

More CUDOS Intercloud Updates

We’ve also added the ability to see the full location of every VM showing the city and country. This will provide more transparency and clarity when picking the location you’d like to deploy your VM.

We’ve also added a new data center to our supply in Hyderabad, India. With many configurations, it’s now our cheapest option, lowering our entry price. This widens our selection of offerings, and more importantly, it highlights our continued efforts to bring costs down and offer you the most affordable, sustainable cloud solutions. Being sustainable shouldn’t have to be expensive!

Expanding Our Reach: Listing on MEXC and Uniswap v3

In our relentless pursuit to increase the accessibility and liquidity of CUDOS tokens, we were listed on MEXC Global as of February 21st. This pivotal moment marked a significant milestone in widening our community and enabling more users to engage with CUDOS in the global market. The MEXC listing signifies our expanding presence and offers our community a reliable and esteemed platform for trading CUDOS tokens.

The excitement doesn’t stop there — with a CUDOS/USDT pair on the newly launched Uniswap V3, expect more stability, enhanced trading strategies, and increased liquidity. This highlights our continued support for your access to our ERC20 CUDOS tokens, leveraging Uniswap’s premier DeFi platform for unmatched ease of trade and liquidity provision.

Fetch.Ai and the Bosch Global BCX Hackathon

Our team recently made waves at the Bosch Connected World 2024 (BCX) Hackathon in Berlin, supporting Fetch.AI in a significant way. This effort emphasizes our dedication to advancing decentralised AI. Core to this initiative is our joint aim to utilize the CUDOS Intercloud for groundbreaking AI agent deployment, setting the stage for creative solutions in the automotive sector and further afield. This collaboration underlines our combined push to transcend the limits of technology and our commitment to developing cost-effective, decentralised AI platforms. As we delve deeper into the immense possibilities this cooperation unlocks, we’re all charged up for a future where technology enhances efficiency and sustainability in unparalleled ways.

Why These Updates Matter

By enhancing our payment system, we’re making transactions easier and reinforcing our commitment to transparency, flexibility, and user empowerment. These technical updates ensure that managing your cloud expenses is as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

This update crosses off all the upgrades we will cover in Q1 on the CUDOS Intercloud side as we now prioritise work on the CUDOS blockchain. We are very excited to keep bringing more essential developments and work with you on building more solutions for distributed and democratised cloud computing.

At CUDOS, we believe in building technology that meets today’s needs and anticipates tomorrow’s demands. These payment system enhancements are just one of the many ways we’re working to create a more decentralized, efficient, and user-friendly cloud computing ecosystem.

Dive into the CUDOS Intercloud today and experience the future of cloud computing payments. It’s time to take control of your cloud journey with the power, flexibility, and transparency you deserve. Check out our latest article, Embracing the Future of Web3 Cloud Computing, to better understand how we differentiate ourselves from legacy cloud platforms.

Watch for our new website design going live in early March!




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