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Ballad of the 13-Year-Old Bride

Myra Lewis Williams—eternally known as the young wife of Jerry Lee Lewis—speaks candidly about their notorious rock & roll romance

Myra sits on the lap of husband Jerry Lee Lewis at the press conference that sparked an explosion of negative publicity in London, May 23, 1958 | Five days later, Jerry Lee and Myra arrive in New York, after his tour of England was cancelled
Myra with a purse, Bible, and shopping bag, on the tarmac in London, May 9, 1962. This was the couple’s first return to the U.K. after outrage over their marriage forced them to cut short a tour four years earlier.
Myra (L) going over scrapbook pictures with her daughter Phoebe in 1989

It was the hatchet that was used to attack rock & roll.



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