The Making of Ice Cube’s “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted”

An exclusive excerpt from “Check The Technique Vol 2" reveals how a gangsta’s fairytale became a classic

Brian Coleman
Oct 13, 2014 · 47 min read

~Jonathan Shecter

“I was making my solo move before a lot of people even realized that I was out of N.W.A. People were pretty surprised when they heard I was working on the record.” ~Ice Cube

“I have always tried to communicate rebellion, and you can’t convey that in a harmonious atmosphere. You have to create an atmosphere that is conducive for agitation.” ~Hank Shocklee

N.W.A with The D.O.C. and Laylaw from Above The Law backstage during their Straight Outta Compton tour in June, 1989 (L-R standing: Laylaw, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre and The D.O.C. seated: Ice Cube, Eazy-E and MC Ren)

“That was my foot in the door,”
Cube smirks.

“We wanted to make something that had never been heard before,” Cube says.

510 South Franklin Street in Hempstead, NY | photo courtesy of Eric “Vietnam” Sadler

“It fueled anticipation of the record, but it also made us work harder, because we knew that people wanted to see how it would turn out,” Cube says.

Keith and Hank Shocklee of hip-hop production team The Bomb Squad in Chicago, November 1990
Ice Cube “900 Number” ad, November 1990
“SOUL — Sound Of Urban Listeners” Newsletter, Page 1, May 1990, via Bill Stephney and Harry Allen | Courtesy of the Adler Hip-Hop Archives / Cornell University Hip-Hop Collection
Album press release from Priority Records, Page 1. 1990. Courtesy of the Adler Hip-Hop Archives / Cornell University Hip-Hop Collection.

Here are some tales about the making of this classic, from robbing Son of Bazerk to getting jacked by Mister Rogers.

“Better Off Dead”

“The Nigga Ya Love To Hate”

“AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted”

“What They Hittin’ Foe?”

“You Can’t Fade Me”

“JD’s Gaffilin’”

“Once Upon A Time In The Projects”

“All Access” tour laminate, 1990 | Courtesy of Eric “Vietnam” Sadler

“Turn Off The Radio”

“Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)” featuring Chuck D

“A Gangsta’s Fairytale”

“I’m Only Out For One Thang” featuring Flavor Flav

“The Drive-By”

“Rollin’ Wit The Lench Mob”

“Who’s The Mack?”

“It’s A Man’s World” featuring Yo-Yo

Ice Cube with The Lench Mob (T-Bone, Sir Jinx, Yo-Yo and J-Dee) backstage at The Arena in St. Louis in August 1990

“The Bomb”

Extra Credit: “Kill At Will” EP

“Jackin’ For Beats”

“Dead Homiez”


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