Bruce Springsteen’s Rock & Roll Salvation

My desire to see Bruce perform is a yearning to be young—tonight he returns that love

Mark Mordue
Feb 10, 2017 · 9 min read
Mortuary Station, Redfern, 1872 | photo by Charles Percy Pickering, State Library of NSW
Bruce Springsteen in silhouette | photo by Elizabeth Owen
Bruce Springsteen crowdsurfing | photo by Jack Howard
‘Beach Tickets’—Asbury Park boardwalk, July 2002 | photo by Matthew Trump
Photo: Tickets, Tuesday 7 February 2017 by Stuart Coupe, used with permission.
Photo: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, 1977, Wikipedia/Copyright Commons.
Jake Clemons and Bruce Springsteen share the stage | photo by Larry Hulst/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Obituary Notice, Argus 27 February 1906


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