Paul Auster, in Madrid to promote 4321, already being hailed by critics as the best of his 17 novels. (Inma Flores for El Pais)

El País: Paul Auster weighs in on, well, everything that matters

In Madrid to promote his first novel in seven years, the veteran writer talks existence, the unexpected and, oh yes, Donald Trump

Paul Auster makes no bones about playing God with the lives of his characters; he has created and destroyed lives at will; altering existences with his games of chance. And in recent years, he has done it with greater intensity than ever. In 4321, his first novel in seven years, … [and with] a central character developed in four parts, the author of The New York Trilogy, Mr. Vertigo, and Leviathan tells a coming of age story, in which he takes to the limit his obsession with the power of the unexpected in constructing one’s identity. “I do not consider myself a novelist by chance,” explains Auster. “The unexpected is part of life. There is no mystical or theological interpretation in my books, I tell stories in which I try to represent the world as I understand it.”

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