Movie fans wait for, well, whoever, outside the Princess of Wales Theater in 2015. Not much has changed. (Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star)

Toronto Star: How to hide a celebrity

The Toronto International Film Festival is rolling, with A-listers arriving en masse. Keeping their whereabouts a secret is no mean feat. Let Linda Barnard explain how it’s done.

They’re the centre of attention at the Toronto International Film Festival — unless they don’t want to be.

So just how do you hide a movie star?

It’s a challenge, a bit like smuggling an elephant into a room underneath a washcloth. But there are ways. A limo to the stairs of a private jet, a brisk hustle through a hotel kitchen or ducking in through an inconspicuous entrance can be a celebrity’s best friend.

Red carpets, after-parties and onstage screening appearances are when the famous are working at the festival. Otherwise, they’re off the clock and, at least for some, trying to stay out of sight.

The game of hide-and-seek begins as soon as they land in Toronto. …

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