Video content: The “pizza” of your Facebook strategy

WRITTEN BY JUSTICE MANGUAL [Dreamhouse Summer Intern through Open Doors Academy]

To view or not view, that is the question. If you are a small business owner, to grow awareness of your brand, creating videos is the best way to go. Not just any videos, Facebook videos. Facebook is growing and thriving with every kind of audience you can think of with 1.28 billion active users.You got to think of it like this, for Facebook, video content is like a pizza, even when it’s bad, it is still good.


3 reasons why making a video is worth it

  • Visual learners
     What is your preferred method of learning? Bet you didn’t know that 65% of the population are visual learners. And increasingly social audiences are seeking to consume content that requires minimum effort. This makes video your secret weapon because it relates to people, actually speaks to the audience, and communicates information powerfully.
  • More Info Communicated
     Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey discovered that 1 minute of video can deliver as much info as 1.8 million words. Just the act of creating a simple video can go a long way.
  • Attention grabbing
     I don’t know about you but if something doesn’t draw my attention to it, I lose interest in it. Attention grabbing is key for business success and videos are the way to go.

How video impacts your Facebook Strategy

  • Broader Reach
     According to socialbakers, they discovered that Facebook videos gain more reach than any other type of post with an average of 135% MORE exposure. Videos on Facebook are eye catching and engaging.
  • Engagement
     More than just being SEEN by more people (reach), Facebook video encourages engagement which shows a connection with your audience. Engagement is the Holy Grail of digital marketing strategy and videos are the best path to success on this quest.
  • Mobile Power
     92% of users access Facebook through their phones. Create a video, and you will instantly get your followers to STOP just scrolling. You will capture their attention and get them engaged.
  • Screen Real Estate
     As a side tip, square and vertical videos take up more space on a mobile screen. This “real estate” is crucial and valuable. Every pixel on your screen is very important. People want big, bold, and simple content… Make the most of each view by taking up more screen space. It maximizes your message.


Facebook announced this year that they had updated their algorithms to favor video content in new ways. This basically means that video content will be seen more than other kinds of content in the newsfeed. Here are a few ways to get a “higher ranking” in the algorithm:

  • Longer videos with higher completion rate will be ranked higher in the news feed
  • Live videos carry more weight in the algorithm.
  • Facebook’s newsfeed will prioritize timely content, including things happening NOW, trending topics, and topics that relate to users in the moment.
  • Facebook has noted: content that is perceived as authentic garners more
  • Once Facebook algorithms notice that your videos are getting views, engagement, and positive feedback and a higher rank. Soooo… keep it real!completion rates, your video will be ranked higher on the news feed, giving you even more exposure.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it simple and manageable for yourself. Even a basic video carries lots of power, here are a few ways to break it down to an easy level:

  1. Record short personal greetings, announcements, and messages, or even just say hello!
  2. Use Boomerang. This super easy app creates a dynamic movement that captures people’s attention.
  3. Go live! Take the pressure off and just talk to your people, show them some behind the scenes of your brand or answer some questions. Just be creative and connect!