How to get 🏋️ with Mentimeter

A 3 minuts read on Medium and you can do a live multiple choice test with Mentimeter.

For the staff of Aarhus University: click here to learn how to set up an account with the AU license.

Create a presentation

Go to Mentimeter and select + New Presentation

Add questions

Select the question type you want to create. In this example we’re creating a Multiple choice question. Fill out the question and the answers (called Alternatives). Select + Add alternative for more answers. Click Save.

To edit the question simply click on it.

Start you presentation

Start your presentation by selecting Show Presentation and your presentation is now live.

You are asked if Mentimeter can use your location for the presention. By allowing this, the students near you will automatically see your presentation when visiting the website and don’t need a code to answer. If you don’t allow it they will need a code (more on that later).

Hover your mouse on the left side of the window and you will see a control menu. From here you can choose to Hide result, Close voting, Clear result, Fullscreen etc.

Student response

For the students to respond, they need to visit They can do so on any device from laptop to smartphone. This info is also present in the top of your presentation along with the code that they need to use.

If you allow location sharing they will instead access the presentation without the code. The students also need to allow location sharing for this to happen. But you can always access the presentation with the code.

See the result and controlling the presentation

When the students submit their answers you will get a live view of this. Choose Hide result if you don’t want your students to see this live view.

If you want to ask the question again, simply select ‘Ask question again’. This will save the results for export later. If you choose ‘Clear result’ it will not be saved.

If you have more than one question you can use the ⬅➡ keys to go back and forth. Or use the arrow symbols on the side.

If the students have answered the previous question they will automatically get the new question. If they haven’t they will get a message on their screen.

To exit your presentation hover on the menu and select either ‘Home’ or ‘Edit’.