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Race and Religion (1)

So you want to talk about race and religion

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So you want to talk about race

Race and religion

Chan-Malik (RN)

The roles religion, spirituality, and the sacred play in people’s lives, what and how people believe, and how they interpret and carry out these beliefs in public and private life — these all matter eminently in understanding the machinations of social movements and collective change, and how we envision facilitating their paths of emergence… [R]eligion has always been lived both in and through race and racism in the United States; race produces religion’s forms and animates its presence and practice in people’s lives, which in turn shape the horizons of possibility for social change.

- Sylvia Chan-Malik


What does it mean that whiteness — and white supremacy — are intimately tied to a Christian heritage? Even before white people were considered a “race,” Christians used their religious identity to exclude Jews and Muslims from political rights.

- Katharine Gerbner

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Megan Goodwin

author of _Abusing Religion_, co-host of “Keeping It 101: A Killjoy’s Introduction to Religion Podcast,” and wikipedia-certified expert on (ugh) cults