Festival Season

Festival Season

Summer is just around the corner and so are all the music festivals. With so many out there in 2017 there now truly is something for everyone. 
In 2016 I went from the hottest desert (Coachella) to the coldest mountains (SnowGlobe) so I’m very happy to see that Electric Palms is taking another stab at their own festival right here on Oahu. Especially since this one is right in town.

Over the years attending these big events there’s some things I’ve learned that I’d like to pass on.

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you know you’re going to go to, say Lightning in a Bottle (lucky!) make sure you are signed up to be on their e-mail distribution. That way when the pre-sales are released you’re right there waiting.

2. Spring for the VIP

With dedicated bathrooms, shorter entry lines, better viewing areas and more, it’s just worth it in the end to pay an extra bit. Most festivals offer VIP packages for the same price as what the GA winds up as if you get them early. I have found not eating out for a few weeks to save money for this has always been the best way to do it.

3. No Friends? Make New Ones

With the exception of Coachella I have been to every festival alone. Actually at Coachella I managed to lose my two friends about ten minutes into the Do-Lab as well and didn’t see them again until the end. If you are having a hard time getting anyone to go with you, just go. You will be around thousands of like-minded people and it’s a great place and time to meet new friends.

4. Stay Healthy

This might be a no-brainer but all festivals have a ton of walking involved. Walking and standing on your feet all day, you really need to make sure you are taking care of your legs and feet. Wear socks and shoes and save the sexy heels for the after-parties. It’s not a bad idea to do a pre-festival body prep as well — cardio and leg exercises. I was doing Insanity three times a week for a few months before Coachella and it saved my life after all that walking I had to do. Even after being in shape and in comfortable Converse my feet felt like pools of blood by the end of each day. Taking water seriously is very important. Just drink an entire bottle of water every hour whether you are thirsty or not. Or the new best option is to bring in an empty Camel Pak and fill it inside.

5. Try it Sober

You would be surprised how much people miss at a show if they are too inebriated to enjoy it. Whether it’s booze or drugs, nobody wants to find themselves in a dangerous situation. There are people just waiting for someone to be too weak to defend themselves to theft or worse. More and more I’m seeing people leaving at the end of the night completely sober and happy. They had a great experience and now can safely get home or to the afters instead of wandering aimlessly, puking, getting taken advantage of or worse in a stretcher. If you are among the estimated 22% of people that do partake, moderation is so important so is knowing what you are taking.

Written by Christa Wittmier

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