Creating the Brand Book of “ZEUS AND ΔΙΟΝΕ” -Our Challenge

Last Friday our team had the honor to talk to Mr.John Kolotouras aka Marketing Manager of the luxury clothing company ZEUS AND ΔΙΟΝΕ. The occasion was a University project in the borders of the “Cultural Entrepreneurship” lesson.

Very briefly the whole class was divided by groups and was supposed to pick a topic that would interest each one the most. Later on the teams contacted the companies our professor, Ms.Lida Tsene, chose for them and arrange an interview with the marketing manager. The marketing manager would give each team a challenge.

Our team specifically wanted a challenge from a fashion-clothing company. That is why our case study was chosen to be the ZEUS AND ΔΙΟΝΕ clothing company. Before, though, we were given our challenge, we had the chance to interview Mr.Kolotouras who gave us his insights and valuable information we needed in order to implement in the future the challenge he gave us.

We have to point out that we had a whole lot of fun taking the interview and just being inside of the building of such a prestigious and luxurious company. Thats why we snapped and took photos and selfies.

But let’s get to the main point hall we?

Our CHALLENGE that our team has to bring to terms is to create the Brand Book of ZEUS AND ΔΙΟΝΕ company. Of course, many people who have no experience from the marketing worls will not know what a Brand Book is. But do not worry! We made sure to search for the most accurate definition of it.

  • What is a Brand Book?
  • Why do I need a Brand Book?
  • What goes into a Brand Book?

All of these are legitimate questions that many marketers struggle with. At its core, a Brand Book is an integral element to a well-functioning brand. It’s about articulating the elements of your brand in a concise and consistent manner. It is written for two audiences, internal stakeholders, and marketing partners. The Brand Book has some beneficial outcomes for businesses that use them.

Brand Books come in all shapes and sizes. You will hear them called a variety of names: Brand Book, Brand Guidelines, Corporate Identity Guidelines, Brand Bible, etc. The bottom line is that these different documents serve the following purposes for your business.


We were extremely happy to be given that specific chalenge as we have never yet in our lives created a brand book in general and for such a high-class company specifically. We will essentially cultivate our marketing skills and have a professional work piece to showcase our future clients.

The journey has begun!

Our team: Joanna Gkouma, Evangelia Lolou, Asimina Mixa, Stavroula Pollatou, Fay Tsokou