EMST , National museum of contemporary art

Our challenge

As part of a project at our university, Panteion , in the course of Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship, our team which includes a group of 3 people ( Arbiros Athanasios-Stavros, Goni Nefeli and Thiraiou Rafailia) is working with the National Museum of contemporary art in Greece (EMST). The task is to contribute in solving a problem which the museum has.

The EMST opened the doors of its new “home” to the public in 31st of October 2016 with the temporary exhibition “Urgent conversations: Athens-Antwerp”. This exhibition is restarting the museum’s activity of temporary exhibitions which was stopped in 2015 due to the museum’s rehousing.

The exhibition is a collaboration of EMST and MHKA, the Flemish Contemporary Art Museum, based in Antwerp. Both museums are interested in creating a cultural dialogue about the polarization, individualism, antagonism and other issues that have been taking place in global scale.

Our challenge is to create an educational program as part of this exhibition in order to contribute in a better understanding of the exhibition to a specific group of people. The head of the educational department of the Museum, Marina Tsekou let us decide which group will be our target group depending on the exhibition’s subject.

During the discussion of our first meeting with Marina Tsekou , there was something in the sayings of Mrs Tsekou that drew our attention. This part was the social role that the museum has and especially through its educational programs. Specifically she referred to several educational programs for people imprisoned, refuges, people with disabilities and other groups that actually were really involved with the programs and felt that they belonged.

Creating an educational program in order to enhance the exhibition and the museum’s role has made us very excited and we can’t wait to begin!

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