Final Cut

Happy new year fellow colleagues! A new year, a new opportunity.

Leaving the relaxing and carefree days of Christmas holidays behind, we stepped up our pace regarding our project and we are proud to announce that we are getting quite close in finishing our work, well at least for now.

As of today, 10 January 2017, we have finished 3 interviews with 1 member of the Comicdom team and 2 comic artists. All of them took place inside the Athens Comics Library and now we are at the editing phase of our project. It is possible that we will do another one interview, but that depends on the availability of our desired interviewees, since our time is limited due to the deadline. Neverthless, nothing stops us from continuing our project even after the exam date.

The interviews were done with Vasileia Vaxevani, Dimitra Adamopoulou and Michalis Dialynas and we would like to thank them once again for providing us with helpful insights as well as with the opportunity of getting to know them somewhat better. Also, we would like to thank publicly the Impact Hub Athens and the Athens Comics Library for letting us do those interviews in their space and for being so cooperative.

Our colleague, Sergios, getting prepared for a hard interview.
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