Netwix | Creative Brief

Last week, our university project team had the great opportunity to talk to Mrs. Artemis Lamprinidi, head of Netwix and This happened in the context of an assignment we were given for our “Cultural Entrepreneurship” class, during our Social Media, Advertising and Marketing studies in Panteion University.

Concisely, our class was divided in teams and we were asked to pick a topic revolved around culture and media. Without a shadow of a doubt, we picked “New Media” as we consider ourselves truly millennial kids. Our professor Lida Tsene, contacted some well-established companies and assigned meetings with their respected managers in order for us to receive projects concerning our field of interest and in the same time giving the opportunity to operate in a real working environment.

So, our case study was provided by Netwix which is a Greek web channel that provides exclusive, entertaining and free content. It’s goal? To create high quality web material that entertains and appeals young audience of different cultures and interests within an modern, user-friendly and functional environment. Its content has five different thematic channels (Comedy, Series, Life, Entertainment, Tech & Games) so that users can enjoy over 40 various web series free of subscriptions and charges.

Moreover, is beneficial for advertisers as it offers a wide range of e-commerce beyond the all-time classic preroll and e-banners. Depending on the needs of the customer and the given briefs netwix’s creative team either creates a whole new, tailor made series (branded content) or include natively the brand in an already existing series.

After a small tour and a conversation about native advertisement and Netwix, we were given our project which consists of three briefs. Firstly, we have to come up with a tailor made series for our beloved brands –Jack Daniels and Redbull. So, our main purpose is to come up with a bright idea that matches our clients’ brand values, brand strategy and of course is suitable for netwix’s core audience. Our 3rd case study gives us four clients (Eastpack/Vodafone CU/Fanta/IKEA) of which we have to pick two (Vodafone CU/IKEA) with the short brief “Back to School”. The point that differentiates this case study from the previous two is the face that we have to create a product placement natively in an already existing Netwix Show (Big Talk/ Viral News/ Comedy Room).

Our team currently is working on those briefs which open up a space for our creativity, fantasy and passion to flourish. We are really thankful that our professor in cooperation with gave us this great opportunity to work on a real case study.


Izabella Kefala Margaret Georgiadou Anastasia Zapadioti Fotini Panavou Vasilis Plegas

Under the supervision of Lida Tsene