Solomon Project-1st and the best!

Hello everyone! We are Athanasia Panopoulou. ,Tasos Tirogalas ,Irene Zerva Charitopoulou and Melpo Ab and we are writing a medium article in order to inform you about the exciting challenge that we are facing!

Specifically,within the course of @Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship , Miss Tsene(our teacher) made a connection between us -as a team- and cultural organisations.She gave us the opportunity to choose which organization we like most to get involved in.In the end,after making the final decision we were called to provide our help to our preferable organisation. There,we are going to face real-life problems,which help us be more responsible and mature as far as our behavior is concerned.

Our challenge,as team,is about the Solomon Project.

At our first meeting which took place in Impact HUB, we met Mr Fanis Kollias,who is the Solomon’s Initiator. We got to know with each other, had a brief description of what Solomon Project is about and that’s how everything started to be sooo interesting!

When he started describing to us that Solomon is not just an organization, but it really is part of a society..a part that desperately wants

  • to enhance life quality for the whole society!
  • to promote an alternative perspective which is going to be more functional for all society’s members
  • to prove that being an immigrant or a refugee does not mean that you can only express your opinion about migration issues.

…and that Solomon does all these through media…we really got excited!! We really felt that Solomon is definitely an organization that it’s worth getting involved with!

Mr Kollias assigned us with a new task called “Inclumedia Lab”,which is a very interesting one. Specifically, we have to find students who study Journalism at CMC department of Panteion University,in order to participate to the project.This project is about foreigners (immigrants and refugees) who want to work as journalists. In order to provide them with some basic knowledge on the field they have arranged a series of workshops with independent journalists and journalistic sites which will take place during the following months.Necessary for Inclumedia Lab is also the participation of students who study journalism at the CMC department of Panteion university.The students and the foreigners will make pairs and cooperate with each other through out the project in order to create articles which will be published at the solomon site.

After the end of our meeting,we decided to stay in touch so that he would provide us even more information about our contribution to Inclumedia Lab.

We’re looking forward to our next meeting!



This publication host stories regarding creative industries in Greece initiated in the context of the module “Cultural Entrepreneurship” offered at Panteion University, Department of Communication, Media and Culture.

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Melpo Ab

Anaconda student from Greece #ADandPRLab #StartUpLab at Panteion University