The #AnimaSyros Project: 3 Ideas on how to turn the local community into a supporter

The first way to “win a funder’s heart” in the field of creative entrepreneurship is to prove that you do something worthwhile, that your creativity could promote the general interest.

As a team, one of the challenges we had to dare on AnimaSyros project was to find ways to convince the local community of Syros to be more supportive to the festival, by providing financial assistance to AnimaSyros Organization. Our suggestions are the following:

  1. Implementation of a research that substantiates “how” and” in what ways” AnimaSyros festival affects tourism of Syros island-as a cultural event or through its collaborations-. Presentation of these data through an animated video. Additional, the animated video could include a story refereeing to consequences of the possible termination of the festival’s conduct.
  2. AnimaSyros could make an agreement with local shops and stores in order to advertize them through its official site or via its’ social media accounts, in exchange for the financial support offered. This would be considered mutually beneficial.
  3. One of the most popular events in the field of fandom is “cosplay”. AnimaSyros could host a theme-party in order to meet Syros’ operators, entrepreneurs and citizens, the local community in general. Of course, an entry ticket is required so that, “guests” will contribute financially AnimaSyros, while having fun!

Our team: Elena Chalari , Filitsa Makris/Moutousis, Eftychia Rantou, Hlianna Theodwrakopoulou

Project Manager: Lida Tsene