UrbanDig Project

A university study of it that aims to solve one of its problems.

This is a team project for the course of Cultural Entrepreneurship of Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences focusing on the case of the “UrbanDig Project” created by the performing arts non-profit company “Ohi Pezoume” and its partners. Our team’s purpose is to examine the project’s problems/ challenges and determine their solution.

The UrbanDig Project as the case of our study was proposed by twnia nisotaki and Amanda Voulgari after having attended an event by the same organisation, which was first mentioned in class by the professor, Lida Tsene.

1st Meeting

On the 29th of November all the members of our team met Matina Magkou and Katerina Protonotariou at Foka Negra cafe in Kypseli.

Both of them dedicated some time to talk about their company’s objectives, goals and current projects in order to give us an inside perspective and better understanding or their work. During this talk they also answered satisfactorily many of the questions we had prepared before the meeting, regarding matters such as their methodology, partnerships and target audience. As a team, we also introduced them to the purpose of our assignment in order to find common ground.

As our conversation progressed Matina Magkou suggested two different challenges we could approach:

  1. The creation of a communication strategy in order to locate possible international partners and investors.


2. The implementation of an event as part of the UrbanDig Project in Omonoia, based on a crowdfunding model similar to FEAST Thessaloniki, in order to raise funds for the UrbanDig project.

Our desire to participate more actively in the UnbanDig Project and gain practical experience in planning and organizing an event, led us to choose the second option.

After the meeting and the departure of Matina Magkou and Katerina Protonotariou, it was time to assign the roles and responsibilities according to our individual abilities and interests. After careful consideration we assigned the following :

-Media & communication: Daphne Diapouli

-Public Relations: Frossw Karpozilou

-Event planning, design and production: Twnia Nisotaki, Amanda Voulgari, Katerina Constanta.

Our next meeting with the members of the UnbanDig Project is scheduled for the 19th of December. During this time our team is going to work with dedication to create the project plan, timeline and all the necessary details that are required before we run the event, while updating regularly our process on our medium accounts.

TEAM LEADER: twnia nisotaki

TEAM: Amanda Voulgari, Daphne Diapouli, Frossw Karpozilou, twnia nisotaki, Katerina Constanta

PROJECT: http://www.urbandigproject.org/

Panteion University: Department of Communication, Media and Culture


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