So, I give Musette my ticket and start heading home after dropping her off at the subway stop near our home which really is each other, right guys?

The ello app comes out on the iPhone and the place lights back up with all the desperate, thirsty fuckers looking to swoop up the following of all the new hires. Tens of thousands according to budnitz, who if only I was current I could rage the hell out on right now the way he’s been treating all us brilliant currentivists. He such an enemy to the trade — revisionist.

Well, anyways, at this point I was more concentrated with building up my own personal site to which I add another conjunctive site for Hosanna in Hand, posting a chapter.

Musette has a good feeling about it, but tells me to take a shower because I stink. I tell her I won’t watch any House of Cards today. She’s into it at 33 chapters in.

I need to brush my teeth too because I haven’t been doing it as much as I should since being fired.