I managed to fix my paypal or as Lilli likes to call it — the giving tree. Musette placed an online grocery order and yelled at me for not helping her with it. It takes at least a day to arrive and we are hungry, so we use this site called Delivery.com to get sandwiches from a local restaurant.

I am Getting sick. My throat is hurting. There are only two cough drops left. Orange is the New Black has started up again, but all I want to watch is House of Cards. Some people get so bored by it. Musette was this way, but she started watching it again now that I’m further in and now she won’t let me watch any episodes without her.

It’s her Fiji water bottle that is getting me sick, but I am accepting the sickness, pouring more and more of the contagion down my throat with reckless disregard and abandonment because why should I cower away from this thing when I know that I can fight it like she did?

Leora vacuums her apartment in a belly shirt.