Went to this store called K Town. It’s Latin driven. I was looking for cough drops, tissues, Gatorade, and something to eat. I found the Gatorade easily. (Tropical Cooler) and (Blue). I got raspberry PopTarts for a meal. But the coughdrops and tissues were harder to find.

I asked the girls at the pharmacy if they had any coughdrops and they started pointing behind me. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. The girl at the register handed me a little packets of red Halls.

“These will probably last me a day.” I thought.

The toilet paper was on top of the produce. I got a four pack of the cheapest stuff.

Ectypia posted a question about how to receive money through Paypal without revealing your identity. I told him what I had learned on the subject.

Leora is painting.

“Let’s see you get up and diddle yourself.” I said.

She was painting as I was writing. Can was playing over Spotify. A big boquet of flowers was on her coffee table. The picture of Audrey Hepburn beneath the television.

There was a band playing on her television screen. Splash by Can. NYC on her shirt.

Lirpa is going mad.

It will be alright. I tell her. Lying as I do not know.

The online grocery order comes. They packed the bags so strangely